Youth and Child Care Professional Programmes in Canada

Child-Care Youth and child care studies and family studies are gaining wide acceptance nowadays because of the recent surge in the career opportunities available in healthcare and social services sector.

Coming to the professional programmes in child care and youth care, one must say that some of the courses offered by the Canadian universities like University of Victoria, Concordia University, Ryerson University and Vancouver Island University are one of the best in the field of youth and child care. University of New Brunswick and the University of Western Ontario also offer some good courses in the field of family studies.

University of Victoria

University of Victoria is one the most reputed Canadian university and there is wide variety of courses available in the field of social sciences at the university. Many international students are coming to the university to obtain higher qualifications in the field of youth and child care. University of Victoria awards a three year duration bachelor degree, BA in child and youth care; a master degree, MA in Child and Youth Care and a doctorate degree, PhD in Child and Youth Care for eligible candidates.

Concordia University

Concordia University offers a BA in youth work and family relations and MA in human systems intervention.

Ryerson University

Ryerson University is popular for its three year duration Bachelor of Arts honours degree, BA in Child and Youth Care

Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University offers a short term Diploma in Child and Youth Care – First Nations. The duration of this diploma programme ranges between six months and one year.

University of New Brunswick

University of New Brunswick offer a short term certificate level programme, Certificate in Family Violence Issues. Duration of this programme varies between three months and six months.

The University of Western Ontario

A three-month duration Certificate in Grief and Bereavement is available at the University of Western Ontario for interested candidates.


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    I was wondering about how much it is to come to this School?
    because in a few years ill be thinking about coming here. Is there a good Child studies course here?. I was wondering this because i want to work with kids, Thank you