Wonderlic Test: Test to Measure the Employability of an Applicant

Wonderlic Test is basically an employability assessment test created by the Wonderlic Inc USA, a leader in the field of educational and human resources assessment services. There are two types of Wonderlic Tests: the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) and the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST).

WPT is commonly used by the recruitment agencies to test the cognitive ability of the prospective employees while WBST is extensively used in educational settings in order to measure the basic verbal skills and math skills of the candidate to determine his employability in an entry level career position.

The major objective of the Wonderlic test is to measure the degree of employability of the candidates so that their future training needs can be determined. A standard Wonderlic test has two sections: a verbal test section and a quantitative test section. The verbal section of the Wonderlic test consists of 50 questions whereas the quantitative section of the Wonderlic test consists of 45 questions.

Verbal skills test results are used to determine the verbal ability of the candidates while quantitative test results are used to measure the mathematical skills or numerical ability of the candidates. Test takers have the option to take both of the tests together or one at a time. It is a short duration test that can be completed within 15 minutes.

Wonderlic test has been developed by the Wonderlic Inc. in collaboration with the US Department of Labor and the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. While the US Department of Labor has contributed towards the skill criteria required for each career position by standardizing six different levels of career positions for Wonderlic test, the Dictionary of Occupational Titles has been helpful to determine the minimum degree of verbal and numerical ability required for each level.

Wonderlic test consists of fill-in-the-blank type of questions and can be taken with paper and pencil or with a personal computer or by faxing/e-mailing the answers to the examiners. Wonderlic test can be taken either individually or collectively in a group. Successful candidates are those who have made the correct choices and hence the speed, with which the questions are answered do not affect the outcome of the result.