Where to Study Astronomy in Canada

Study-Astronomy International students who aspire to gain an astronomy professional qualification from a globally reputed university may consider a Canadian university as a good education destination. In Canada, the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria are becoming major education destinations for astronomy programs like Bachelor of Science in Astronomy; MSc in Astronomy and PhD in Astronomy.

Candidates who are interested in a graduate level program with a combination of physics and astronomy should consider the University of Manitoba as a good choice for them as the university is a major centre of astronomy graduate programs like BSc (joint honours) in computer science and physics and astronomy; BSc (honours) in physics and astronomy; BSc (major) in physics and astronomy; BSc (general) in physics and astronomy and BSc (joint honours) mathematics-physics and astronomy. For advanced qualifications such as master and doctoral level studies in this field, the McMaster University makes a good choice. Major astronomy programs provided by the McMaster University include Master of Science in physics and astronomy and PhD in physics and astronomy. Physics and Astronomy combination programs are available at the Trent University too. Bachelor of Science in Physics & Astronomy; BSc Honours in Physics & Astronomy and MSc in Physics and Astronomy programs are offered by the Trent University.

For the students, who like to study both engineering physics and astronomy together, the Queen’s University is a good education destination because of the some good quality programs conducted at the Queen’s university such as PhD in Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy and Master of Applied Science in Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy.

University of Toronto may be considered for gaining qualifications in astronomy and astrophysics. BSc in Astronomy Major; BSc in Astronomy and Astrophysics Major; BSc in Astronomy and Astrophysics Minor; BSc in Astronomy and Physics (Specialist); MSc in Astronomy and Astrophysics and PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics programs are conducted at the university.

Other Canadian universities such as Mount Allison University (Minor in astronomy); Saint Mary’s University (PhD in Astronomy and MSc in astronomy) and the University of Western Ontario (BSc in Conceptual Astronomy Minor and PhD in astronomy) may also be considered for an astronomy qualification.


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    i have compleated master in theyology, do i have chances in studing phd in sciencs(astromony) or in this related strems pl reply on my email.

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