Viticulture and Oenology Programmes in New Zealand

Oenology Viticulture is the study of the commercial production of the grapes and Oenology is the study of the wine production. New Zealand is home of some of the famous wines in the world and there are many academic institutions in New Zealand that offers professional study programmes in viticulture and oenology.

Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand offers a Diploma in Viticulture (Level 6) for overseas students. Major subjects included in the course programme are Vine Cultivation Practices, Winemaking Technology and Wine Appreciation. Cost of education for international students comes around NZ$ 15,450 per year and course duration is between one and two years.

Tairawhiti Polytechnic, New Zealand offers a Certificate in Wine Industry. Tuition fee for this course is approximately NZ$12,800 for the entire course and course can be completed within a year.

Lincoln University offers a full time diploma of one year duration, Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology and three year duration degree programme, Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology.

Eastern Institute of Technology, Hawke’s Bay conducts two Bachelor level programmes, Bachelor of Wine Science and Bachelor of Viticulture. These are three year duration degree programmes. Overseas students have the option to quit the programme after two years of regular university education with a qualification known as EIT Diploma in Grapegrowing and Winemaking. Cost of this course is about NZ$16,000 per year.

Certificate in Grapegrowing and Winemaking offered by the Eastern Institute of Technology is a one year long certificate programme in Oenology.

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology offers an advanced diploma course, Diploma in Viticulture and Wine Production and length of the course is between one and two years. Educational costs is approximately NZ$18,500 per year.

The University of Auckland conducts a doctoral level qualification, Doctor of Philosophy in Oenology. It is an advanced research programme which can be completed within three to five years.