US Schools for Obtaining Masters Degree in Nurse Anesthesia

United States of America is home to several topnotch schools which provide advanced nurse anesthesia education programs. Most sought after among these advanced nurse anesthesia programs are bachelor’s programs and master’s programs. Here is given a list of some of the renowned schools that offer graduate programs in nurse anesthesia in US.

University of South Carolina

Masters of Nurse Anesthesia degree program offered by this institution is a 27-month course that combines both coursework and clinical experience. Vast clinical experience in anesthesia that the learners gain from this institute covers medical areas as varied as orthopedics, urology, ophthalmology, neurology, plastic otolaryngology, cardiovascular as well as cardiothoracic conditioning, geriatrics, obstetrics and pediatrics.

Graduate program in nurse anesthesia offered by University of South Carolina is duly recognized by Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists. High numbers of USC graduates appear at the certification exam conducted by Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists every year. Most of them qualify the exam and earn professional certificate. The Masters program offered by this institute is entirely accredited by Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs for a period of ten years.

Villanova University

Nurse anesthesia program offered by this institute is taught at College of Nursing. Courses offered here are known for their intense approach. Students are trained in a way so that they may meet the fast evolving requirements of the healthcare industry.

Students, at this institute, are offered Masters degree program that is fully accredited. After earning graduation, you can also customize your study options by selecting independent project. This would pave way for earning your doctoral degree from this school.

Union University

Graduate degree program in nurse anesthesia offered by this university is taught at School of Nursing. It is one of the most sought after US schools for obtaining masters degree in nurse anesthesia. Diverse cultural environment of this institute has made it a home to lots of offshore students.

The master’s degree in nurse anesthesia offered by Union University is designed for those nursing aspirants who want to explore administrative roles in nursing industry.