UK University at Wales that offer Doctoral courses in Biology.

Once a student marks a specific country to pursue a particular course, then the next step would be to narrow down one’s options geographically.

So, if one is particularly looking at studying a doctoral course in Biology at a UK University at Wales, then one has only three options to choose from. The options available are Bangor University, Aberystwith University and Cardiff University. Let us now look into what each of these three UK Universities has in store for us.

‘Cardiff University’ is a UK University at Wales that offers seven diverse doctoral courses in Biology. The seven courses are PhD in Chemical Biology, PhD in Biological Psychology, PhD in Connective Tissue Biology, PhD in Condensed Matter Physics or Biological Molecules, PhD in Visual Neuroscience and Molecular Biology, PhD in Drug Delivery and Biological Interfaces and PhD in Molecular Cell Biology.

The duration of each of the seven doctoral courses in Biology offered through this UK University is a minimum of one and a maximum of three years. One must remember that all of the seven doctoral courses in Biology are full time courses. So, before applying one must make sure that one can afford to dedicate that much of time.

‘Bangor University’
is a very old UK University at Wales that has been functioning since 1884. This UK University has many feathers in its hat, like it is ranked amongst the best ten for excellent teaching quality, learning support and financial support by the International Student Barometer. Also this place is a hit amongst foreign students because it offers the second cheapest accommodation facilities in the whole of UK.

This UK University awards a ‘PhD in Biological Sciences’ through ‘University of Wales’ on successful course completion. This is a full time doctoral course in Biology that can be completed within two to three academic years. The minimum eligibility rule of this UK University requires an applicant to have completed an Honors degree with at least an upper second class marks.

‘Aberstwyth University’ is yet another UK University at Wales that offers a three year long doctoral course in Biology. The degree awarded after successful course completion is ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences’. This degree is awarded by ‘University of Wales’ and to get into this course one has got to have at least an Honor’s Degree with the required marks or grades.