UK Universities for Excellent Academic Programs in Molecular Biology

Molecular-Biology Molecular biology is a research-intensive advanced scientific discipline which requires modern research facilities and sophisticated lab equipments for making break through inventions and innovative scientific findings for human applications. This is the exact reason why majority of the global students travel to various UK universities every year in order to gain advanced professional qualifications in the discipline of molecular biology, as UK universities are globally known for their excellent research facilities as well as high quality of education standards.

Coming to the choice of right university for molecular biology education, there are quite a few good universities in UK that offer excellent academic programs in molecular biology. These are, Liverpool John Moores University; University of Westminster; University of Hertfordshire; Bangor University; University of East Anglia and the University of Wolverhampton.

Liverpool John Moores University

Molecular Biology with Genetics (including Foundation) BSc (Hons) and Molecular Biology with Genetics BSc (Hons) programs are available for the career aspirants at the Liverpool John Moores University

University of Westminster

University of Westminster also offers Molecular Biology and Genetics BSc (Hons) and Molecular Biology and Genetics with Foundation BSc (Hons) courses.

University of Hertfordshire

Major molecular biology courses offered by the University of Hertfordshire are Molecular Biology and Genetics BSc (Hons); Molecular Biology and Genetics with a year in Europe BSc (Hons) and Molecular Biology and Genetics with a year in North America BSc (Hons).

Bangor University

Bangor University is a major education destination for a master level course offered in the field of medical molecular biology. This course is titled as ‘Medical Molecular Biology with Genetics MSc program’

University of East Anglia

University of East Anglia offers a graduate degree in molecular biology known as Molecular Biology and Genetics BSc (Hons)

University of Wolverhampton

A bachelor level qualification in molecular biology, Genetics & Molecular Biology BSc (Hons) is available at the University of Wolverhampton also.

All these courses in molecular biology are offered as full time regular academic programs and course intake is normally in the month of September. Duration of a bachelor level qualification is three years while that of a master level qualification is one year.


  • Ivai


    I have just finished masters in South Africa in Medical Microbiology. I am looking for places with full scholarships to do a PhD in 2011 in Microbiology. what Universities/study groups can you recommend?

  • Aureliano Guedes

    I’m finishing my graduation in a few year, and I want to do a master in a molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics or molecular biology of the microorganisms. I speak inglish and portugese and i’m study germani. I want to know what the best unversity to I do my master couse.

  • Sophia

    Hi i have 72% in degree and looking for Microbiology or medical microbiology. Want to go for Jan 2011 intake for UK. please suggest the universities.

  • Charity Jurua

    hi, am almost done with my degree course and i would love to master in molecular biology .Any chances?