Travel Counseling as Career Option

Many people who want to earn their career in hospitality industry choose travel counseling as career option. There are several vocational training centers which help aspiring students in becoming travel counselors. Study courses in travel counseling help the learners become expert in matters related to travel management. These courses teach the students necessary skills required for selling travel products, applying marketing strategies, promoting particular tourist destinations, making reservations and delivering travel recommendations to the clients.

Career opportunities as travel counselor

Wide career opportunities are associated with the profession of travel counselors. These professionals work in both capacities – employed and self-employed. Travel counselors are generally employed in travel agencies and tour companies. Their services are also availed by corporate offices which undertake extensive business travels. Career counselors are known to be highly paid professionals. They also receive travel benefits and commissions apart from agreed salaries.

Specific job responsibilities

Specific job responsibilities which travel counselors are supposed to perform are offering advices to clients about different tour packages as well as travel options, making reservations and receiving payments. While counseling the clients, travel counselors may also require to offer them travel-related tips on issues such as language, currency, health and safety.

Job skills and experience

Travel counseling profession requires excellent oral and written communication skills, sociable skills and customer care skills. Besides these skills, job positions of travel counselors also require considerable work experience in matters such as marketing and sales, money exchange and computer operation. Career prospects are comparatively high for a candidate who is widely traveled and familiar with foreign languages.

Educational outlook

Individuals who plan to enter the profession of travel counseling are generally required to possess college diploma in hospitality management. In Canada, travel counseling professionals also require to obtain certification issued by Canadian Institute of Travel Counselors. This certification is given to those professionals who have at least 1000-hour of working experience and get through a knowledge examination.

Average annual earning

Earning in travel counseling profession largely depends on the volume of experience one possesses. According to an independent source, a travel counselor with job experience of one-year to four-year can earn $30,000 to $37,000 yearly in USA.