Travel and Tourism Programs in Singapore

travel-and-tourism-programs The exotic land of Singapore is conducive for both business and education. The island nation has no match in Asian countries when it comes to travel and tourism education. The country is fast gaining the reputation of being the education seat of Asia. Distinguished institutions, highly-charged study environment and wide choices of faculty and courses combine to make the country one of the most sought after education destinations in the world.

The government of Singapore is particularly concerned and committed to providing best-suited study environment to foreign students. Most of the institutions in the country have developed collaboration with top-ranked European, American universities and other world universities. This feature of mixed Asian and Western educational pattern has boosted the credential of the Singapore institutions. The new trend has enriched the hospitality education, as well.

Singapore has evolved itself as a hub for the study of hospitality and tourism programs. Some of the top travel and tourism programs in Singapore include:

Certificate in Foundation Studies (Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management)

There is high craze for pursuing this program among international students. The course infuses into the students basic knowledge and essential expertise about various hospitality and tourism sectors. The course also grooms the aspirants to be eligible for certificate level of other academic disciplines. Best place to study the course is The Management Development Institute of Singapore into the students’.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management

This degree is very popular among foreign students who want to pursue travel and tourism education in Singapore. The course improves not only core management skills in the students but it also encompasses commerce and customer service aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry. Recommended school for studying the course is management Development institute.

Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

This is the most innovative of all the travel and tourism degrees in Singapore. The course combines business management, tourism and hospitality. The best institute for obtaining the degree is James Cook University Singapore.