Travel and Tourism Management Schools in Thailand

international-business-scho1 Thailand is also known as the “Land of Smiles.” The country has achieved wide fame due to its wonderful tourist attractions. The country serves as one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Asia. Tourism is the backbone of Thailand economy. There is very high influx of tourists in the country. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, has evolved into a flourishing business hub. Its popularity as leisure and business destination has improved hospitality and tourism prospects widely. The country is equally popular for providing outstanding hospitality and tourism education, as well.

Thailand travel and tourism schools

Travel and tourism management schools in Thailand are known for their quality education at affordable price. Prospects of tourism education in the country are high because students get dream placements there after they finish education. Hospitality and tourism management schools in Thailand offer education facilities in English for international students.

Courses offered in these institutions are both short-term and long-term. They are in full agreement with contemporary standard. A few of the renowned travel and tourism schools in Thailand include.

International Hotel and Tourism Industry Management School

This institution is referred to as I-TIM. The Bangkok-based school has wide experience of providing quality education to international students. It has the distinction of being the first professional school in the country to offer education programs in English. Students, here, are trained in both theoretical and practical ways. I-TIM has also bagged ‘The Best School Award’ by Government of Thailand.

International Business School Vatel

It is one of the best hospitality and tourism management schools in Thailand. The school grooms students mostly for middle as well as higher management posts of the tourism industry. Courses offered by the school include Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management and MBA in International Hospitality Management. These courses are based on 5-year and 3-year durations.


  • Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
    my name is Falko Flamme, I am from Germany and finished my BBA in Montreux in January 2010. My formal University is part of the SEG, the Swiss Education Group. Since the beginning of February this year I am a volunteer in a very special project in Kapong, which I want to introduce to you. The SEG send every 6 month a formal student to the Yaowawit School/Loge which is located in Kapong, South Thailand. I am now for six month a Hotel Manager of a 12 room loge and a 30 seat restaurant which belongs to the school. The Loge is supposed to generate 40% of the expenses of the school, in order to guarantee the future of the school and the independency. My duties are to optimise the operations, marketing strategy and to teach children in the age of 12-16 in the subject hospitality. A hospitality degree for the students is our long term goal. The lessons are mainly practical orientated. Since Thailand is a big hospitality country, is it an important industry in the future of our students. We want to secure the future jobs and give them an advantage towards other s. The school has 120 children which life here permanently, because they have very difficult family situations.
    I look forward to find Thai hospitality schools which would like to be a partner of our unique project, which will prepare children, who had not much luck in their life, for a possible employment inside the hospitality industry. The Yaowawit Team but especially the children would be very happy about any help! The main reason of this email is to find schools which can help us with any kind of training material, in order to build up our hospitality degree. The students are all Thai and speak a little English. That is the reason why I look for mainly simple material, about restaurant service, reception, housekeeping, kitchen and banquet service. It would be great if your school could help us with our mission, to prepare the children for a good employment inside the hospitality industry. Please take a look on our homepage for further information and details. My contract number is +66 (0)88 44 666 85. Those great Thai children deserve our help!!!
    Thank you All very much for your time.
    Best regards,
    Falko Flamme Hotel Manager