Translation Studies in USA

oklahoma-state-univ Translation Studies are available in many American universities and colleges. Academic programmes offered by the Oklahoma State University, Monterey Institute of International Studies and Kent State University are having a good reputation as high quality professional programmes in Translation Studies.

Translation Studies offered by Oklahoma State University stand out in terms of their popularity and major courses available at the university include A.A.S. in Technical Spanish/Translation and Interpretation; A.A.S. in Technical Spanish/Translation and Interpretation – Health Care Emphasis; A.A.S. in Technical Spanish/Translation and Interpretation – Law Enforcement Emphasis and A.A.S. in Technical Spanish/Translation and Interpretation – Legal Emphasis.

Translation Studies Master level programmes are available at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. MA in Translation; MA in Translation and Interpretation and MA in Translation plus Localization Management are the major courses offered by the institute. Kent State University is also well known for Translation Studies Master and doctoral level programmes such as Doctor of Philosophy in Translation Studies and Master of Arts Specializing in Translation.

Translation Studies are available in many other American universities also. Most popular among these universities are University of Pennsylvania (Master of Science in Translational Research); University of Massachusetts Amherst (Master of Arts in Translation Studies); University of Iowa (Master of Fine Arts in Translation); University of Rochester (Master of Science in Translational Research); Biola University (Pre-Bible Translation);Wake Forest University (Master of Science in Clinical and Population Translational Sciences) and Babel University School of Translation (Master of Science in Translation).

Translation Studies are offered at some American colleges and private institutes. Mayo Graduate School and Baylor College of Medicine are popular among them. Mayo Graduate School conducts Ph.D. in Clinical and Translational Science while Baylor College of Medicine offers Doctor of Philosophy In Translational Biology and Molecular Medicine and a Joint M.D plus PhD programme in Translational Biology and Molecular Medicine.


  • ramchandra kc

    dear sir,
    i have been teaching english literature in a college in nepal. i want to come to us for translation studies. i have done my theses in translation and have published two books of translation. the third is being published n doing gre at current. please suggest me for my further process such as where to go and what to do or when to do.

  • Winifred Pacunega

    I have a Bachelor Degree of Art in Arts of Makerere University with LWO( Local Language) and Economics. I have 8 year’s practical and 5 year teaching experience in translation. I need to further my education in Translation; how can you help me?