Top-Ranked Law Schools in USA

United States boasts of impressive numbers of law schools. Law education infrastructure offered in law schools in America is appreciated throughout the world for its tradition of excellence. Law degrees and programs offered by American university law are well-enriched. Diversity is the key element which rules the study environment of most of the law schools found in the country. These things combine to make USA one of the most preferred destinations for pursuing law education and attract large numbers of offshore students every year.

Some of the top-ranked law schools which are on offer in USA for law aspirants from across the world include:

Yale Law School

This prestigious seat of learning has been maintaining top position in the US law school ranking for many years. This top law school also enjoys wide international recognition. Graduating from Yale Law School is a dream that is nurtured by every law aspirant throughout the world. Numerous celebrities and political stalwarts of United States have had the opportunities of graduating from this high temple of law studies. However, its legendary admission procedure often draws criticism from several quarters.

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School is also popularly known as HLS. This top law school is administered by the world renowned Harvard University. It is unanimously accepted as one of the most prominent institutes in the world for pursuing legal studies. Several distinctions attach with this prestigious institute. It accommodates world’s largest library meant for academic law. Apart from it, it is one of its kinds in the entire country that holds the privilege of being the oldest law school busy in administering law education uninterrupted.

Stanford Law School

Few law schools in the world can match the status held by Stanford Law School. Law aspirants in US dream of studying at Stanford Law School. Law degree earned from this school is the mark of distinction as well excellence. Legacy of excellence enriched by intensive curriculum, high-status academic centers and top-notch legal clinics is the hallmark of Stanford Law School.

Columbia University School of Law

Termed popularly as Columbia Law School, this institute falls under the category of highly sought after law schools in USA. Some areas of law education held by this institute have no match in the entire country. These include specialty in international law, intellectual property and tax law programs. Clinical training programs offered by Columbia University School of Law are also taken in high esteem by law aspirants.