Top Pilot Training Institutes in Canada

Pilot-Training Canada has carved out a special niche for providing winning-edge pilot training programs. Canadian pilot training institutes have been serving to wider needs of aviation students belonging to every part of the world. The country is home to large numbers of world reputed institutes which are busy in grooming knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals meant for aviation industry. Some of the top pilot training institutes in Canada which have scripted saga of success include:

Atlantic Flight College

Atlantic Flight College has set high standard of providing excellent aviation education program in Canada. This renowned pilot training school is specifically known to inculcate into students outstanding aviation skills and advanced flying knowledge. The quality of training obtained from this institute enables the professionals to exert great judgment and wonderful decision making ability.

Calgary Flight Training Centre

This institute is widely hailed for offering top-notch professional commercial pilot training in Canada. Its reputation has transcended the boundaries of the country in its 25 years of service. CFTC is known for its endeavor to offer the latest in the industry. Students are trained here in new aircrafts furnished with contemporary instruments and equipments. CFTC is preferred by both career-oriented students as well as fun-loving people who get pilot training in pursuit of their hobby.

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology has earned huge popularity on the international arena for offering high-end pilot training programs. This institute is hub of offshore students. The institute is specially known for its famed degree program in flight. This degree is known as Bachelor of Applied Technology. This program is recognized by employers throughout the world.

University of New Brunswick

This institute has emerged as one of the most respected flight training institutions in Canada. The flight school of the university offers the aviation enthusiasts an exciting course known as Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation and Operations management. The three-year program ideally suits those who want to pursue commercial pilot training with business
and management in the forefront.