Top Law Universities In USA

Though engineering and medicine still occupy the top spot, law as a career option is catching up fast. It is one of the most rapidly growing professions across the globe. Lawyers are a respected class in the society today.

We come across many situations in day to day life wherein we need legal advice and that is where lawyers step in. United States of America (USA) boasts of some of the best law universities in the world. Some of them are:

Yale University: Yale Law School is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Year after year, it has been voted as the best law school in the states. It offers law education unmatched by any other law school. Highly qualified faculty, small batches, tremendous opportunities for work experience and the constant encouragement by the authorities to use their skills in public make it every law student’s preferred destination. Famous alumni include U.S. presidents and many a Supreme Court justices. It is a member of the Ivy League.

Harvard University: Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard Law School is a very highly renowned law school. Its most striking feature is its innovative and learning environment. Again a member of Ivy League, it is flocked by students all across the globe. It has a very wide curriculum and offers more than 250 courses. There are three types of law- business, education and public service. Harvard prepares its students for careers in all the three types. Current president of U.S., Barack Obama, is a graduate of this very school.

Stanford University: Stanford University is located in the state of California. It is similar to the above two universities in all the things, except that it has the added advantage of climate of California. It was established in 1893. Practical education in the field of law giving hands-on experience to its students is its prominent feature. It is also called an alternative law school since students here have to study everything from ancient history to calculus.

Columbia University: Founded in 1858, it is one the finest and most prestigious law school in the United States. Rigorous selection procedure, excellent faulty and outstanding placement record make it one the most sought after law university in the world.

All the law universities offer various scholarships and loan-schemes to help students.



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