Top High Paying Creative Careers

Top High Paying Creative CareersA successful career decides the quality of our life in financial terms and adds to our reputation in society. The current age is the age of experimentation and innovation.

New career options are emerging that have never existed before. More and more people are deciding to write their destiny themselves rather than depending on fate. They are more interested in creating opportunities instead of being at the receiving end. The idea of conventional career options is becoming outdated day by day as new areas of exploration are expanding. The options of creative careers that were the privilege of few in older times are more accessible in recent times due to the expansion of technology.

A creative career demands a constant thirst for something new. In a creative career, conventional knowledge can be possessed but cannot be served. Creativity is not formula based. So, people who think that they can be successful using some prominent rules of the discipline should not pursue a creative career. Rules are meant to be broken in a creative career.

Despite having the thirst for doing something creative, most of us refrain from getting fully involved in a creative career because of the unpredictability it presents. Some of them do not have an exact idea of the opportunities available in the creative field.

A combination of these factors results in a large potential going waste. Now a day, many creative fields are making their stronghold among the young community. Hopefully, in near future people will be fully aware of the path they should follow to achieve their dreams of creativity.

Multimedia artists and animators

The idea of animation is well epitomized by Disney and Pixar. With the multiple opportunities available in animation field, it is one of the fastest growing creative businesses. The number of animation films releasing at box office are increasing at a fast pace.

Top High Paying Creative Careers

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Film festivals are giving special importance to developments in the field of animation. The fact that animation is in its growing phase, it is not going down anytime soon. That means more and more professionals will be recruited in animation field proving a career security.

Apart from all these benefits, the money factor in animation business is huge. Many animated movies have earned far more than the movie starring big international film stars. Animation is also required for amazing graphics in sci-fi films, thriller films, special effects and storyboarding for films. Not just films, animation is required in advertising, designing company mascots and logos, etc. As scientific developments are going up, animators are quite welcomed in scientific research and design related services.

Huge number of institutes are offering degree courses in animation. It is gaining recognition as a promising field. So, all those who are interested in creating a whole new world of imagination and possibilities, multimedia and animation is the field for them.

Product designer

As the name suggest, product designing is about providing an efficient look to a product both in terms of aesthetics and utility. A product designer is concerned about the shape, size and material of a product. A conducive design can attract the consumers into buying and turning loyal to a specific brand in the long run.

Top High Paying Creative Careers

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As the market is getting competitive beyond imagination, changes are made in the design of the products on frequent basis. People want change now a day. So, if a product has the same look since long, they have the tendency to try a product that is more attractive both in design and utility.

It is hard to think of a world without products. Opposite to that, the number of products debuting in the market are increasing on per day basis. Brands are expanding themselves to have a monopoly in all the spheres. That implies that the opportunities for a product designer are only going to increase. In addition to that, it pays immensely because of the intellectual capital invested in it.

Product designing can be a right job for those who know the nitty-gritty of the market and understand the psychology of consumers. Simply having good designing skills is not the key for success in product designing. A product designer will have to go through several surveys and work with consumers at interpersonal level. Like most of the creative jobs, product designing demands high adaptability to team work.

Game designers

Video games or computer games are a popular time pass activity among the people of all age groups. With the increasing number of mobile users, mobile games have taken over computer games. No doubt, the field of gaming is going to develop more with the development of technology.

Top High Paying Creative Careers

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A game is supposed to be complicated in  order to trigger the thinking faculties of the player. It should be engaging enough to make the player stick to the game until or unless he/she doesn’t win it. Game designing involves a wide range of skills from conventional to comparatively new specializations. It includes art directors, animators, release managers, software engineers, system designers and game designers. Level designers design more levels in a game in case people have gone bored with the existing levels in the game.

A game designer should have the basic qualities of tactical thinking to provide an interesting scenario in the game. Good managerial skills are required for a game designer as he/she develops the concept of the game and leads the team into producing the final product. Therefore, a game designer should be quite articulate to make the team understand his vision of the game.

Film director

Most of the people think that becoming a film director needs a lot of financial investment and contacts. That is true to an extent, but the field of filmmaking is becoming approachable to people belonging to middle classes.

Top High Paying Creative Careers

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Many film festivals are taking the initiative to support independent filmmakers and showcase their work. Several film contests are organized every year and the winners are awarded highly.

Film directors are also needed for making corporate films. Non-governmental organizations are readily available to support filmmakers who are making documentary films on socially-relevant issues. Directors lacking finance can start by making short films at low budget.