Top Agroecology Education Providers in USA

Agroecology Agroecology is a newly-introduced interdisciplinary education program. Due to its prospective professional outlook, this educational discipline is gaining wide acceptance throughout the world. Study of agroecology incorporates in it knowledge of soil, plant and insects.Bachelor of Science in Agroecology is considered to be the most ideal education program in this discipline. However, ambitious students who want to undertake research projects or build academic career prefer master or doctoral degrees in it.

USA is widely known to provide cutting edge educational programs in agroecology. Some of the top agroecology education providers in USA are as follows:

University of Wyoming

This institute is included among the most preferred agroecology schools in USA. Distinguished course patterns of agroecology education program [bachelor degree] offered by University of Wyoming attract large numbers of offshore students, as well. Students at this institute are taught various elements of agroecology as well as agro-ecosystem which include science of soil, agronomical plant biology, science of horticulture and plant protection ecology.

The above mentioned courses along with some other natural science programs combine to shape up the agroecological curriculum of this institute. These basic courses precede some advanced courses which include entomology, crop science, weed science, soil science and plant pathology.

NC State University

This institute offers several agroecology minor programs which are held in high esteem by aspiring students. Agroecology Minor offered by NC State University is a unique and broadened program that focuses on practical knowledge. Under the Agroecology Minor, the university offers two programs – Introduction to Agroecology as well as Advanced Agroecology.

Introduction to Agroecology is a 3-credit course which provides base for the Agroecology Minor. This course lays emphasis on various ecological concepts used in agricultural systems and production.

Advanced Agroecology is a 4-credit course which is based on theoretical as well as practical knowledge. This advanced course explores different agro-ecosystems for improving their economic, ecological and social viability.