Top 9 Aeronautical Science Colleges

Aeronautical science is a very challenging field. One needs to possess specialized skills for making a career in aeronautics. You need a graduate-level education for getting employment in this field.

There are many colleges that offer high-quality engineering programs that include graduate-level degree program in aerospace engineering and aeronautics. The best colleges aim at providing specialization in these areas. Read this article further to know about the best colleges that offer aeronautical science courses.

Top 9 Aeronautical Science Colleges

California Institute of Technology

This institute offers the best aeronautics program in USA. It is located in Pasadena, California. Cal Tech is known for its cutting-edge research. It offers a master’s and doctorate program in the field of aeronautics.

Top Aeronautical Science Colleges

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Apart from providing an excellent aeronautics program, an aerospace engineering program is also sponsored by the institute. These programs focus on fluid mechanics, propulsion, solid mechanics, structures and materials. These are interdisciplinary and emphasize on biological fluid dynamics.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

This university offers 35 degree programs in various education fields such as aerospace engineering, rotary-wing, fixed-wing and aeronautics.

Stanford University

According to the US News and World Report of 2010, Stanford University was ranked third for its aeronautics and astronautics division. An interdisciplinary approach to research is followed by Stanford in the field of aerospace engineering and aeronautics.

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This program emphasizes on five areas: sustainable aviation, structural health monitoring, computational-based design, space systems and control and navigation. The university promotes research in various fields like unsteady flow physics & aeroacoustics, aero fluid mechanics, aircraft aerodynamics & design, systems development and hybrid systems.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The department of astronautics and aeronautics of Massachusetts Institute of Technology boasts of excellence and professionalism. It offers top-rated degree programs. MIT is known for its reputation in providing excellent education in the field of engineering sciences.

It aims at incorporating potential and capability in the students and preparing them for challenging situations. The aeronautics and aerospace division of MIT work closely with each other. The institute offers bachelor’s degree program in aerospace and aeronautical engineering with information technology.

It offers master’s degree programs in various fields such as technology, technology management etc. Students can also enroll in doctoral degrees such as Doctor of Science and Ph.D. There are various interdisciplinary options available in flight transportation and biomedical engineering.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the largest and oldest education institute in USA. In 1917, the school was asked to help the US Army in aviation.

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It aims at offering extensive study programs to the students in the field of aeronautics. The faculty of the institute has received many awards for its contribution in the field of aeronautics.

Penn State

Penn State University offers an aeronautical program which is placed amongst the best 12 aerospace engineering departments in USA. It is the only institute in Pennsylvania that offers a degree program in aerospace engineering. This program includes certain courses such as aeroacoustics, turbomachinery, space propulsion and computational fluid dynamics.

The university offers undergraduate and graduate level programs. Upon graduation, a student can get a job in governmental organizations, software companies and research laboratories. The university also offers financial aid. It has seven housing complexes which meet the housing needs of the students.

Princeton University

The department of Aerospace Engineering of Princeton University focuses on imparting basic and specialized skills in the field of aeronautics.

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It offers a research-based curriculum. The department offers specialized programs in areas like bioengineering, energy technology, laser matter interactions and combustion.

University of Notre Dame

The department of Aerospace engineering of this university promotes research in mechanics & energy science, biomedical science and flow physics. A study abroad program is offered for undergraduate students. The university has established connections in Germany, Egypt, England, Ireland, Australia, Chile and Mexico.

University of Illinois

This university is located at Urbana-Champaign. It has a well established Department of Aerospace Engineering.

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There are around 20 labs for basic as well as applied research. The university aims at making contribution in research and offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs.