Top 6 Technical Universities In Germany

Germany is one of the largest manufacturing countries in the world. The country excels in the field of manufacturing, technology and engineering. Therefore, there are many technical universities in Germany. There was a time when these universities were teaching only engineering and technical subjects.

But now they offer degree programs in other subjects too such as arts and humanities. Here, we are listing the best technical universities in Germany.

Top 6 Technical Universities In Germany

Technical University Munich

The Global University Rankings has ranked this university at the 35th position amongst all the universities across the world. It is one of the top ranking universities of Germany. More than 21,000 students are enrolled in the university programs.

List of Technical Universities in Germany

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The university offers 45 undergraduate degrees and has 13 departments namely architecture, informatics, electrical & electronic engineering, business administration, civil engineering & surveying, chemistry, medicine, sports science, physics, education, mathematics, life & food science and mechanical engineering.

Technical University of Berlin

This university was founded in 1879. The Times QS World University Rankings has ranked the university at the 62nd position amongst the best engineering & technology universities across the world. More than 27,000 students are enrolled in this university. There is no proper campus of the university. In fact, it is spread out at different locations across Berlin. Its main building is located in Charlottenburg.

The university offers over 50 degree programs in seven fields namely humanities, process sciences, mathematics & natural sciences, mechanical engineering & transport systems, electrical engineering & computer science, planning & economics and management.

Hamburg University of Technology

This university was founded in 1982. It started its research operations in 1980 but the university was formed after two years. There are more than 5,000 students enrolled in the university. It has around 100 faculty members and 500 academic staff. The staff-to-student ratio is quite high.

List of Technical Universities in Germany

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The university offers undergraduate degree programs in various fields such as civil & environmental engineering, general engineering science, bioprocess engineering, logistics & mobility, computer science & engineering, computational informatics, naval architecture, mechatronics, chemical engineering, energy & environment engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. International academic programs are also offered by the university. These programs meet the standards of an Anglo/American higher education system. Along with a bachelor’s degree course, there are 11 master’s courses. Each program is taught in English.

Technische Universität Berlin

This university is a technical school that is located in Berlin. It offers degree programs in computer sciences and electrical engineering & transport systems and mechanical engineering. Both the programs are designed to make contribution towards the economic and technology fields. The university also arranges internship programs for the students in Berlin.

Aachen University of Applied Sciences

This university offers a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the engineering fields such as biomedical, civil, mechanical and aeronautical.

List of Technical Universities in Germany

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German language is used to teach these degree programs. However, industrial, aerospace, automotive and biomedical engineering programs are taught in English. There is a Career Service office that helps the students in finding jobs and apprenticeships.

Technischen Universität Hamburg-Harburg

This university offers undergraduate & graduate programs in engineering that are taught in English and German. Environmental engineering, chemical engineering and bioprocess engineering programs are taught in English. The international students need to attend German classes. They should have the required score in GRE.