Top 5 US Univerities Offering Dietetics Degree

To achieve a prospective future depends to a great extent on the college being selected since there are standardized requirements to become a recognized professional in any field. The dietician profession is regulated by the American Dietician Association and its subsidiary and nationally recognized accredited organization, CADE.

The lists of some of the best recognized colleges offering this cource are given here.

California State University in Los Angeles which was established in 1961 is the largest one offering dietician course. It has an enormous size, comprising of 23 campuses and 44000 highly experienced and qualified faculties. Along with dietician programme there are other 1800 comprehensive programmes also that are specially designed to train its nearly half a million students from all over the world to meet up the practical and academic demands of various professions.

The College of Health and Human Services here offers Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutritional Science in two methods; Didactic Programme in Dietetics and Coordinated Dietetics Programme.

University of Pittsburgh, originated in 1787, is one of the pioneer research universities that emphasize on experimental and practical learning. The Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition offers Bachelor of Science degree in clinical dietetics and nutrition where students are taught the foundation of nutrition, its relation to chronic diseases and its effects on health.

Howard University, founded in 1867, function with its 1064 skilled faculty to provide education mainly to African-American men and women. It has an option 80 undergraduate majors and more than 90 post graduate majors based on liberal arts and science. It imparts knowledge on foundation areas of nutrition and concepts of dietetics through its Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutritional Sciences.

Eastern Michigan University which originated in early 1849 has nearly 23000 students who have the opportunity to choose from 200 subjects being taught through 5 colleges and 689 faculties. The Dietetics and Human Nutrition programme here offers trainings in business and entrepreneurship together with traditional classroom and on-line mode of teaching.

La Salle University, founded in 1863, provides spiritual and intellectual learning and growth to its over 7300 students. Distinguished as one of the nation’s best regional universities by US News and World Report, it offers 40 undergraduate and 15 graduate courses. Students can choose either Didactic or Coordinated programme from its CADE accredited School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Externships and internships are offered to students.

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