Top 5 Nursing Colleges In Florida

In USA, many people prefer to settle in Florida after their retirement. Therefore, Florida offers many healthcare facilities. If you have a degree in nursing, you can easily get a job in  a physician’s office, home healthcare, hospital setting and residential care facility.

This will provide you a steady employment. A nursing program of four years comprises of two years of science and liberal arts and two years of nursing study. If you possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you can get employment in school and community health clinics, acute care departments, critical care centers and hospitals.

Florida has many top ranking nursing colleges that offer many degrees in nursing. If you want to pursue nursing as your career, you must understand the abbreviations used for the nursing degrees.

As a student, you can start with Associate Science in Nursing (ASN). The duration of this program is two years. You can become a Registered Nurse (RN) after the completion of this program or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.

Other degrees in nursing are Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and PhD.

Top 5 Nursing Colleges In Florida

University of Florida

The College of Nursing of this university offers undergraduate & graduate degrees. You can enroll in generic or accelerated BSN degree programs. The students who possess a bachelor’s degree in any other field can apply for the accelerated BSN program.

Top Nursing Colleges in Florida

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The MSN program offers specialization in clinical nursing. The students are prepared for degree studies once they complete their masters.

The DNP program offers a BSN to DNP track and a Postmaster’s DNP track. You can enroll in a PhD program through distance education.

Florida State University

This university is located in Tallahassee. It offers generic or accelerated BSN programs. There is a RN to BSN program that forms a part of the undergraduate program.

The graduate degrees include a MSN and DNP degree program. If you are interested in teaching, you must enroll in a MSN program. The DNP degree program offers two tracks: Family Nurse Practitioner and Health System Leadership.

University of Central Florida

This university is located in Orlando. It offers a generic and accelerated BSN program. In case you possess a degree that is not related to nursing, you can enroll in an accelerated program.

Top Nursing Colleges in Florida

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The university offers a nursing program online. The ASN students can apply for this program to get a BSN degree. An on-campus BSN program is also offered. Students with RN can enroll for RN to BSN program.

Apart from this, the university offers RN to MSN program. A PhD degree is also available that trains the students for handling administrative roles.

South University

South University offers a bachelor’s degree in nursing. In case you possess an associate degree in nursing, you have to spend seven quarters for completing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. If you do not have a degree, you have to complete the required courses in six quarters to apply for this program. It is mandatory to clear an examination known as NCLEX-RN to practice nursing. The university also offers financial aid.