Top 3 Colleges For Diploma Courses In Psychology

If you are pursuing a career in law and business, a degree in psychology will be really helpful to you. In fact, a post-graduate degree in psychology offers bright chances in making a career in psychology.

These days, industrial-organizational psychologists are required for occupational-health psychology and executive coaching positions. The business settings also need them. On the other hand, forensic psychologists are appointed for providing expert testimony and evaluations in courtrooms.

The diploma courses in psychology provide a strong foundation in this field and aim at inculcating the basic and specialized psychology skills in the students. These programs also offer opportunities in carrying out a research.

Top 3 Colleges For Diploma Courses In Psychology

Stanford University

Stanford University offers an undergraduate program in psychology. The students are supposed to complete at least 70 units of psychology courses. They need to get at least a grade of c or better, or “Satisfactory” whichever is applied, to become a graduate. The psychology department offers four specialization tracks that offer extensive research on topics like neuroscience and cognitive science.

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The students are also encouraged to participate in an advanced seminar course. A senior honors program is offered by the department that lets the students conduct an independent research. The research is performed under the guidance of faculty members. Students are required to get letters of recommendation from the faculty members.

One faculty member should be ready to become the honors adviser of the students. The students who have scored a GPA of 3.0 are given preference. The junior students who have completed at least 130 units of their coursework can also enroll for this program.

However, they need to complete the required coursework related to psychology by the end of the year. The students of the psychology department run a Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Association also known as SUPA. Various academic events and informal gatherings are organized by this association where the students get an opportunity to meet the professionals.

University of Pennsylvania

The psychology department of this university offers a diploma course in psychology. The students are required to complete 13 psychology courses. They have to get a GPA of 2.0 in the coursework.

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The initial semester offers an introduction to psychology and statistics. The department offers a social/clinical, cognitive and neural basis of behavior course listings. The students are required to take at least five courses from these. They should opt for one course that offers research experience and choose from Psychology 399 and 300-level course.

The department also offers an independent research project which has to be undertaken under the guidance of a faculty member. Undergraduates can enroll in graduate-level courses if they get permission from their course instructor and the director of graduate studies. An honors degree is offered to the students who have conducted an independent research successfully along with a semester of statistics and an advanced seminar course.

University of Chicago

This university offers an undergraduate degree program in psychology. This program offers four psychology courses, six psychology electives and a statistics & methodology course. The psychology department allows the students to conduct an independent research project under the supervision of the faculty members.

Universities in Chicago

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The students can also create a unique curriculum in consultation with the faculty members to study topics like behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. The students who have scored a GPA of 3.5 in psychology courses can enroll in the honors program. The topic of the thesis should be approved by the faculty members. The students who are pursuing an honors program must pass an honors seminar course too.