Tips to Use your Extended Summer Break Before you Head to University Campus

So you are exhausted after the long drawn preparation for competitive exam, notes, burning midnight oil, preparing essays, never ending admission process. It is natural to enjoy the summer break after all these activities. You should enjoy the summer break but it is also a good time to be used effectively to build your skill sets, prepare for the upcoming campus life or enhance your subject knowledge.

Most of he the academic session starts from August (September in UK. Some of the recommended activities that you can besides enjoying summer break are discussed below:

Campus check: The students can collect information about the university for upcoming years. If possible they can also visit the campus, meet with the faculty-to-be and understand the overall functioning of the university. You can also the various facilities that the campus offers (like library, wifi, cafeteria, playing court etc.) and get yourself acquainted. You can also create/join an on line community for your batch of the same academic session and discuss and know each other. Life would be much easier once in the campus.

Acquaint yourself with the roommate: Dealing with roommates (especially the bullying ones) can be a tricky affair. It is advised to contact and communicate with your roommate once the housing decisions are declared. This will make you comfortable among yourself. Also if you found out that your mental wavelength is not matching and there is a possibility of clash, it is better to apply for a change.

Research on your course: Summer is the great time to research for your subjects planning in major and optional and research options .It is advised to interact with the senior students before setting an academic goal..

Add value to your resume: Summer is ideal to learn some vocational courses which can add value to your CV. Courses like computer programming, language courses, and other bridge courses linked with your subject to enhance your understanding and knowledge.

Prepare to be self sufficient: As you would be living the comfort of your home, learn the basic household chores which would help you in long run (like laundry, cleaning, cooking. Etc.)

Focus on your talent: Many of the universities give extra grades on extracurricular activities. If you have one such hobby or passion (like dance, singing, etc), you better spend time to sharpen your skill which will help you in the university.

So get ready to enjoy at the campus!