Things To Know Before Going To Study Abroad

Evert year lots of students go abroad for studies. While a few prepare for the steps before taking admission abroad ,most of the students are at a loss as to what to know and how to proceed before going to study abroad.There needs to be certain orientation before staring the application process. We will here discuss the steps required.

A Brief Review

Living and studying a foreign country can be an interesting experience. However there are certain aspects of a new culture which needs to be assimilated for a fruitful stay abroad and certain areas to be looked after while starting the process. A few pertinent questions that can occur to a student’s mind are

Is studying abroad a better choice than studying at home. Does the foreign degree really give better leverage in the job market?

Am I capable of assimilating the new culture and being successful in studies in a foreign atmosphere? Do I have the habit of attending to things on my own, because once you reach there you will be alone and have to manage yourself properly.

Can I bear the cost of studying abroad? Is the tuition fees reasonable and can I have work permit to meet some portion of the tuition fees?

To meet these, queries various sources in the internet and guidebooks can be consulted. Once a student is able to meet all his queries there comes the steps to be taken for the application process.

The Most Important Things That Are Mentioned Here

Passport- You must have a valid passport.After leaving your own country your passport will be the most valuable possession.It should be kept at a place from where it can be accessed at any time.

Visas- A visa can be obtained only with a valid passport .Visa application should be done with utmost care keeping all the requirements in mind. You should get the help from concerned authorities while applying for a visa.

Checking With Bank Account Overseas Rates and Finding a Bank in the Foreign Location

Once you reach there you will be required to manage your accounts through a local bank and do all the monetary transactions through that bank . So finding the rates and the location of the bank is important.

Insurance- Some study programmes offer supplementary Insurance coverage but some don’t. While applying for a foreign university you should secure world wide insurance coverage through Cultural Insurance Services International(CISI). It helps in the long run to have insurance coverage.

Personal/ Emergency Contact Information– The names and number of persons to be contacted for emergency should be provided on the contact sheet . Attach a passport size photo to the contact sheet.

On- Campus Housing- You should enquire about the on- campus boarding facilities while going to study abroad. This keeps you away from the hazards of finding a lodging facility out side campus for which you need additional time and money.Normally the educational institutions provide facilities.

Make Sure Your Credits are Accepted at the University- After you get the confirmation there should be no problems for starting abroad.

Airline Tickets and Airport Pickup- You should enquire sufficiently about the purchase of airport tickets and enquire from the academic authorities regarding facilities of airport pickup because when you reach there airport ,pickup facility will provide you the easiness of conveyance.

Currency Exchange Rates- Know the currency exchange rates to be sure of exactly how much you have to pay while staying abroad.

Register your course with your home government and update yourself with all the news of the academic sessions.

Health Checkups- Before going abroad you should do your necessary health checkups. Let your insurance know the results of the chechups

Necessary Paperworks- All the necessary papers should be at hand at the time you reach the airport. So keep tem handy.

Taking Help from online Guides-There are lots of online guides about going abroad for studies . Select a country and browse through some of them to get the idea of what it is like to stay and work in a foreign location.

Know the Culture- It is helpful to know the culture of the foreign country where you are going to study. So should do an online research about the nooks and corners of the culture . You can learn a language because it can helps to break the cultural barrier .

The Final Checklist Before Going Abroad-

Check the reputation of the institute . While applying apply in the top universities as well as some of the second rung universities. Know the laws of the foreign land before starting. Apply for the passport at the earliest possible date. Know the visa updates from the foreign embassy. Read carefully the consular information to know in details the rules and guidelines of traveling abroad.

Talk to some of the ex-students of the university you have applied to know some of the university or institute –specific information. Get yourself acquainted with the available scholarships and apply for some of them once you are registered for the course. Enhance your subject knowledge and communication skills to face the interview of the institutes during the selection procedure with confidence.

Finally you should be optimistic. You are going to a new country. You should prepare yourself for coming back with the best of the experience.