The ASSET Test: A Student Advising, Placement and Retention Service of America

The ASSET test is a well-known testing service administered by the reputed ACT Inc of the United States of America. The ACT Inc (the American College Testing Corporation) conducts the ASSET test both as a diagnostic tool and an entry level test for the high school students of America. The ASSET test is used as a diagnostic tool when there is a need to identify the student’s weak areas so that correction measures can be adopted before the student enrolls for a college program. The ASSET test is used as an entry level test when there is a need to determine the right academic program for the student when he is admitted in to a college program.

The ASSET test is administered in paper-and-pencil format and consists of only multiple choice type questions. The ASSET test has two parts: Basic Skill Measures Test and Advanced Mathematics Measures Test.

Basic Skill Measures Test

Test takers are allotted a total time of 75 minutes to complete the Basic Skill Measures Test. This test consists of three sections: Writing skills section; Numerical skills section and Reading skills section. Time allotted for the Writing Skills test is 25 minutes and 24 questions are asked on grammar, punctuation and style of writing. Numerical Skills test is also for 25 minutes and consists of 42 questions on prime numbers, square roots, decimals, fractions and other basic mathematical concepts. Time allotted for the Reading Skills test is 25 minutes and the test takers has to answer 36 questions after reading and comprehending the given passages.

Advanced Mathematics Measures Test

Time allotted for the Advanced Mathematics Measures Test is one hour. This test consists of questions on Elementary Algebra (25 minutes); Intermediate Algebra (25 minutes); College Algebra (25 minutes) and Geometry (25 minutes). Test takers are allowed to use calculators for the Advanced Mathematics Measures Test.

Apart from this, the test-taker may also opt for an ‘Additional Skills Test’ during the ASSET test. This ‘Additional Skills Test’ may include English essay writing or a test on chemistry.

Soon after the ASSET test, the test-takers are provided with the score reports. Since the ASSET Test is used as a diagnostic tool, there is no ‘PASS or FAIL” score in this report.


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