The Advantages Of Memorizing Presentations

The Advantages Of Memorizing Presentations Presentations are of various kinds and are done in different styles. Presentations could be oral, written or visual. But, the main idea behind any presentation is of course communication.

Communication is something which each one of us does but ‘effective’ communication is an art which only few us are capable of doing. Developing this art of communicating effectively has become the need of the hour these days as all important business related information is communicated via presentations only.

Effective Delivery of Matter is the Backbone of Any Presentation

To make a presentation effective there are numerous key factors to take care of. However, effective delivery of the content remains the backbone of any presentation. The only way of putting across your thoughts is by communicating. An effective presentation could lead to a successful business deal or could increase the sales of the product or could help in the better performance of your employees.

While making a presentation, you always have an option of reading out text from the slides or you may also take the help of note cards. But if you indulge yourself in reading out the text then you get very little time comparatively to look at your audience. And, maintaining a proper eye contact with your audience is again a key factor to effective presentation. A good eye contact enables you to connect better with your audience. The people who are a part of the presentation feel more engaged when the presenter look into their eyes while speaking. A presenter in turn gets reciprocated by the locking glances of its audience.

Memorizing Content Ensures Effective Non Verbal Communication

As is suggested by the researchers, 70 percent of any communication is a non verbal communication which means that only remaining 30 percent is verbal. So, obviously to make our communication more effective we have to invest more on non verbal communication. This is possible only when we are prepared with the verbal one. Cramming up the subject matter of the presentation really helps a lot. When you know what is coming out next from your mouth than you can better focus on the voice modulations, hand gestures, body gestures, facial expressions and overall body language. This is what is needed for an effective and a better communication.

It Makes the Communication Smooth

Knowing the matter in advance also helps you in maintaining the flow while talking to your audience. Generally it is observed that lot of presenters frequently use some fillers like ‘Umm’, ‘You know’ or ‘right’ while presenting. This happens when the connectivity between the thoughts break down often. Using too many fillers does not throw a good image. You can rectify this by memorizing the content well so that you know what topic to pick up next once the current one is over. A continuous smooth delivery will of course be more impactful.

Helps in Keeping the Audience Engaged

Also, if you have crammed up the matter really well than you don’t have to stand near the podium always to refer back to the content. You can always take this liberty of walking around and going near the audience to grab their attention.

The Advantages Of Memorizing Presentations

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In fact, when you go near to the people you are better able to establish your eye contact with them and it helps them to pay more attention to what you are saying.

Helps to Know Your Audience Well

A well prepared presentation always helps you to know your audience better. It helps you to observe your audience continuously. If you feel that the audience has now got little tired or bored of the presentation than you can always introduce certain changes to entertain your audience. Like, you can introduce some humour in between or you can just play some games or puzzles related to the subject of the presentation or maybe you can just open a short discussion forum to grab the immediate attention of your audience. All this is possible only when you are confident of remembering the content well and then of course your attention is more on the delivery and audience.

Memorizing Helps in Structuring Your Speech Well

Learning or memorizing the script in advance forces you to read the script over and over again. This will help you to identify any flaws in the script and rectify them beforehand. Also, by reading the script over and over again you can better work on the opening, body and the conclusion of the presentation. You can also learn some relevant quotations and jokes to create humour in between. To come up to this level of introducing humour while talking you have to be really confident on your subject matter delivery.

Helps You to Take Instant Feedback By Observing Closely

A thorough preparation in advance, helps you to crosscheck with your audience whether your presentation goals have been met or not. Lot of times, certain gestures of your audience like nodding of heads, continuous eye contact, positive body language etc communicates to you how well engaged your audience is through the presentation. If you are prepared well with the matter and you are able to focus more on the audience than lot of times just by mere observation you get to know who all are understanding the subject and also who all are not. In such situations, you can always follow up with the chunk of people who you think need little more inputs on the subject. This helps you in putting across your thoughts to the maximum number of people present.

To sum it up, a well prepared and a well rehearsed presentation always has a deep impact on its audience. Your efforts in preparing the presentation show up in your confidence level. Moreover, the best part is that if you have really prepared your presentation well and are pretty confident about it than you are the one who enjoys the most while making that presentation. A prepared presentation always helps you to understand your audience better and connect with them accordingly.