Study Programmes in Industrial Design in USA

Industrial-Design Industrial design is one of the major disciplines of the creative arts discipline with the major objective of training and educating an individual in the designing and artistic concepts of a wide range of industrial products such as aircrafts and automobiles, computers and electronic gadgets; sophisticated medical and surgical equipments, sports gadgets and similar other industrial products.

There are several academic institutions in the world that offer advanced diploma courses, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, post graduate degrees and doctoral qualifications in the field of Industrial Design. Courses offered by various US art institutes are very popular among the international student community because of the wide variety of choices and specializations offered in the field of Industrial Design academic programmes.

The well known Art Institutes that provide quality education in the field of Industrial Design are, Art Institute of California – Hollywood, Los Angeles; Art Institute of California – Orange County, Santa Ana; Art Institute of Colorado, Denver; Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale; Art Institute of Portland, Portland; Art Institute of Philadelphia, Philadelphia; Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh and Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle.

Study programmes of all levels are available at these institutes. Diploma courses are short term courses and duration varies from three months to one year depending upon the nature of the course. An associate degree will take one to three years to complete while the course duration of a bachelor degree ranges from three to four years. Course length of Master level programmes varies from one year to two years while doctoral qualifications will take more than three years to complete.

After the successful completion of the relevant course, candidates can join any industry as professional Industrial designers. They can find a job anywhere in the world as Industrial designing is a highly lucrative career choice and this field offers a variety of career opportunities.