Study Homeopathy in Australia

HomeopathyAustralia is one of the most sought after destinations for abroad students. The country is home to some of the world’s best institutions. Apart from it, other features which make Australia a coveted overseas destination for acquiring educational training include highly charged campus environment, advanced techniques, diversity and qualified faculty members.

For homeopathy students across the world, Australia has always been prime source of attraction. Most of the leading institutes which provide homeopathy education in Australia are based in Sydney and Melbourne. Homeopathy education in Australia is widely recognized and accepted in countries like UK, Germany and India.

Homeopathy courses in Australia

Homeopathy training programs in Australia cover wide range of courses which include diploma program, advanced diploma program and degree program. The government accredited homeopathy institutes in Australia require the students to undergo a training program of at least four years. Once the students complete the program and necessary clinical training successfully, they are awarded the degree.

Some of the best Australian schools for homeopathy programs include:

Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine

This premier homeopathy institute in Australia offers a 4-year Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy program. This program matches contemporary requirements of international homeopathy trends. It covers different features of homeopathy like practical as well as theoretical clinical aspects and homeopathy philosophy.

Australasian College of Natural Therapies

Homeopathy course offered at this world renowned institute is known as Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy. It is a 3-year part-time course which is designed to teach the students some of the basic theories of homeopathy. The course trains the students properly to make them skilled homeopathy practitioners.

Australian College of Natural Medicine

The three-year Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy program offered by this Melbourne-based is recognized throughout the world. Key aspects of the program include philosophy of homeopathy, its remedies, thorough studies in clinical homeopathy and research methodology. Rigorous training during the course of study inculcates interpersonal, theoretical and practical skills into the students.


  • Dr Hrishikesh

    HI, is there any post graduate courses for homoeopathy in Australia?
    and wat are the job opportunities there for a Homoeopathic Doctors.

  • Mary

    What about the Nature Care College in Sydney, I heard it was the best in Sydney if not Australia as most of the Homeopathic teachers have published papers and done research in Homeopathy. I am looking to study this in 2011 and want to go to the best school, I have heard of ACNT but never heard of the Sydney College one!

  • Sorry Australia


    Australia is most backward in this area. The course offered might be good but the concept of homoeopathy is beyond most peoples capacity of thinking outside the box. Also if you are coming from India to learn homoeopathy in Australia then it would be best to ascertain if the Australian diploma/degree is recognised in India. As far as my knowledge goes they are not and you might not be able to register to practice in India. At any rate the standard of education in this area is the very best in India and produces some of the worlds brilliant homoeopaths.
    As for earning to survive as a homoeopath in Australia that’s another story – it is extremely tough. This science might not have a healthy place in Australia as an alternative to main stream allopathic practices.