Study Health Sciences in Canadian Universities

Health-Sciences Canadian universities like University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge, University of Northern British Columbia, University of Manitoba, Dalhousie University, Brock University and McMaster University are holding a good reputation in the field of health sciences education.University of Ontario Institute of Technology; University of Ottawa and University of Toronto are also offering some good programs in health sciences.

University of Calgary

Major programs available at the university are Bachelor of health sciences in health and society; PhD in community health sciences; MD/Doctorate in biomedical/health sciences; MD/Master of science in biomedical/health sciences (combined degree program) and MSc in community health sciences

University of Lethbridge

University of Lethbridge offers Bachelor of Health Sciences in Public Health; Bachelor of Health Sciences in Addictions Counselling and Master of Science in Health Sciences

University of Northern British Columbia

BHSc Health Sciences; MSc in Community Health Science; Diploma in Aboriginal Health Sciences and Certificate in Aboriginal Health Sciences are available at the University of Northern British Columbia

University of Manitoba

Some of the programs conducted at the university includes Bachelor of allied health science (diagnostic cytology); Bachelor of Health Sciences; Bachelor of Health Studies; PhD in community health sciences; PhD in Applied Health Sciences; Graduate diploma in population health and MSc in community health sciences

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University offers Bachelor of Health Science (diagnostic cytology); Bachelor of Health Science (diagnostic medial ultrasound); Bachelor of Health Science (radiological technology); Bachelor of Health Science (nuclear medicine technology) and BSc Health Promotion major and honours

Brock University

BA in community health (3-year); BSc in health sciences (Honours); MA in applied health sciences and MSc in applied health sciences are available at the Brock University

McMaster University

Major health science courses provided by the McMaster University are Bachelor of health sciences with honours; Bachelor of health sciences in midwifery and Bachelor of health sciences (physician assistant)

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

The university offers Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) – Health Sciences; Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences; Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Health Physics and Radiation Science and Master of Health Sciences (MHSc)

University of Ottawa

Honours Baccalaureate of Health Sciences; Minor in Health Sciences; PhD in Population Health; Graduate Certificate in Population Health Risk Assessment and Management; Master of Health Administration (MHA) and MSc in Health Systems are conducted at the University of Ottawa

University of Toronto

University of Toronto awards degrees such as BSc in Health Sciences Communications (Specialist, Major); BSc in Health Sciences and BA in Health Studies (Interdisciplinary Major, Minor) in the discipline of health sciences

In addition to this, Brescia University College (Bachelor of Health Sciences-Major/Specialization/Honors); Cape Breton University (Bachelor of Health Sciences in Public Health); University of New Brunswick (Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters in Applied Health Services Research); Simon Fraser University (BA in Health Sciences; BSc in Health Sciences); the University of British Columbia (Master of Health Science and Master of Health Administration) and Thompson Rivers University (Bachelor of Health Science) also offer professional qualifications in the field of health sciences.



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