Study Customer Relationship Management in Singapore

Customer-Relationship-Manag Customer Relationship Management has become an important focus of marketing strategy of every business enterprise and therefore a great demand for Customer Relationship Management professional programs has been observed in the recent past worldwide.

Many Singapore academic institutions are well known for their certificate programs and diplomas in Customer Relationship Management. These Customer Relationship Management programs are widely respected and are mainly offered by reputed academic institutions like Republic Polytechnic; PBS Marketing and Management Services Pte Ltd; SIM Global Education; Wharton SMU Research Centre; Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business and ITE College East, Singapore.

Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

Diploma in Customer Relationship Management conducted at the Republic Polytechnic Institute will take at least three years of regular education for its completion. The educational cost of this program is about SING $3,150 a year. This Customer Relationship Management diploma is a full time advanced diploma program.

PBS Marketing and Management Services Pte Ltd, Singapore

Customer Relationship Management Certificate Programme available at the PBS Marketing and Management Services Pte Ltd is a full time certificate level program. Tuition fee of this program is about SING $1575 for 11 credits of the program.

SIM Global Education, Singapore

SIM Global Education offers a Customer Relationship Management diploma titled as ‘Diploma in Service Leadership’. Cost of this Customer Relationship Management program is approximately S$16200 for the entire program.  Both part time and full time study options are available and a part time course may take one to two years of the study for the completion of the program.

Wharton SMU Research Centre, Singapore

A diploma in Customer Relationship Management titled as ‘Customer Networks, Pricing and Usage of Services’ is conducted at the Wharton SMU Research Centre.

Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business

A Customer Relationship Management program with the course title ‘Certificate in Sales and Customer Services Management’ is offered by the Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business also.

ITE College East, Singapore

ITE College East offers two NITEC certificates programs in Customer Relationship Management.  NITEC in Service Skills (Office) and NITEC in Service Skills (Retail) are National level ITE Certificate programs in Customer Relationship Management with course duration of one year.