Study Biophysics in Canadian Universities

Biophysics is a major scientific discipline that deals with the application of the laws of physics to the biological phenomena. Persons who are academically qualified in the subject of biophysics are known as biophysicists. Well respected academic qualifications in Biophysics are available for the international students at the reputed Canadian universities namely, the University of Alberta; the University of British Columbia; Simon Fraser University; Dalhousie University; Brock University; University of Guelph and the University of Toronto.

University of Alberta University of Alberta offers a doctoral qualification, PhD in Biophysics as well as a post graduate degree, Master of Science in Biophysics for the aspiring biophysicists. Duration of the master program is two years while a doctoral degree may be completed within three to four years. The University of British Columbia A Bachelor of Science in Biophysics is offered at the University of British Columbia for the eligible candidates. Duration of the degree program varies from three years to four years. Simon Fraser University Simon Fraser University is a reputed Canadian university that offers a variety of academic programs across various disciplines for both the national and international students. SFU also offers a doctoral level qualification in the subject of biophysics, i.e. PhD in biophysics. Brock University Brock University conducts a four year duration honors degree program in biophysics known as Bachelor of Science in Biophysics (4-year Honours) for the career aspirants in the field of biophysics.

Dalhousie University Major biophysics academic programs offered by the Dalhousie University include a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics program and a Master of Science in Physiology and Biophysics program. University of Guelph Another major education destination for biophysics programs in Canada is the University of Guelph. The university offers biophysics courses such as Bachelor of Science honours biophysics; PhD Biophysics and Master of Science Biophysics for the interested candidates. University of Toronto University of Toronto is a reputed education destination for bachelor level specialist academic programs in the subject of biophysics and major biophysics programs offered by the university include a Bachelor of Science in Biophysics (Specialist) program and a Bachelor of Science  in Biological Physics (Specialist) program.