Study Agribusiness in Canada

University-of-AlbertaMajor Canadian Universities that provide courses in Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Integrated Pest Management and Agribusiness Management include names of high reputation such as University of Alberta; University of Guelph; University of Saskatchewan; University of the Fraser Valley; University of Manitoba and Simon Fraser University. Courses at all levels, viz. short duration (three months to one year) certificate and diploma courses, bachelor programmes, master programmes, doctorate programmes and MBA in agribusiness are offered for all interested candidates.

University of Alberta offers BSc in Agricultural Business Management (three year duration bachelor level programme) ; MBA along with Master of Agriculture (a joint programme at master level), Diploma in Agribusiness and Certificates in Agricultural Program.

University of Guelph is popular for its MBA in Agribusiness Management courses. University also offers a bachelor level programme, B. Com in Agricultural business. Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness BSc (Agribusiness) is offered at the University of Saskatchewan also.

Major courses available at the University of the Fraser Valley include Bachelor of business administration for agriculture management; Agriculture technology diploma and Integrated Pest Management Essentials certificate.

Professional study programmes offered by the University of Manitoba are BSc (Agribusiness); MSc in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics and PhD in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics.

Simon Fraser University is reputed for highly specialized courses in Plant Protection such as MSc in Pest Management.

Other well known Canadian academic institutions in the field of providing agricultural professional courses are Nova Scotia Agricultural College and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Nova Scotia Agricultural College conducts programmes such as BSc in Agricultural Business and Master of Science with concentration in Agribiology while Kwantlen Polytechnic University offers a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Pest Management.

More information about these courses and academic requirements are available from nearest Canadian embassy offices of your country or from the official websites of the academic institutions.