Study Abroad In New Zealand – Admission Process And Eligibility Criteria

We all understand and accept the profound importance of English as a language. Thus there is an increasing among many students to take-up higher education from any university of school of studies in New Zealand.

Thus a majorly English speaking nation, New Zealand welcomes all the foreign students to study there. Together with that there are wide ranges of technical studies and specialization courses.

In order to pursue studies in New Zealand, we must have to go through certain norms and eligibility criteria. A student visa is a must when opting for courses in New Zealand to the nearest New Zealand diplomatic mission. The process takes a bit lengthy course, so preparations must be taken to apply for the visa a bit beforehand. The student must possess a valid passport too.

There should also be valid documents that support the educational qualifications attained so far by the candidate in the form of official academic records from the respective university, technical college, polytechnic etc.
Since New Zealand is English speaking country so the medium of instruction at the educational institutions will be English. So a fluency is English is a must for the aspirant.

He or she should also attain the minimum level of eligibility before applying for any specific course in New Zealand such as most of the undergraduate’s courses require 550 in TOEFL or 6.0 in IELTS. Thus these are mandatory entrance tests and evidences supporting this need to be presented to the concerned authority.

At certain conditions a medical certificate of the aspirant is also to be issued by a licensed medical practitioner designated by the New Zealand government. Necessary information regarding this can be received from the immigration officer.

Financial aids and sponsorship programmes can also be sought after. The details of various such scholarships, financial aids can be found out from the nearest Mentor Consultancy and informations can be achieved from such organizations and centers offering such aids. All the evidences that support informations regarding funding, provisions of tuition cost and livelihood expenses of the student and his or guardians or mentor staying along with is also to be provided to the respective institution opted for.

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