Sociology Courses in Canadian Universities

Sociology Sociology is the scientific study of the human societies and the social problems. A person professionally qualified in sociology is called a sociologist. Candidates who aspire to become professional sociologists can pursue a relevant professional qualification in sociology from any of the international universities that are reputed as quality education provider in this particular branch of social sciences.

There are a number of Canadian universities that hold good global reputation as quality education providers in the discipline of sociology and related subjects.

University of Alberta

University of Alberta offers BA in Sociology, BA with major in Sociology, MA in sociology and PhD in sociology for eligible candidates.

University of Victoria

Academic qualifications in sociology are available at the University of Victoria also. Major sociology programmes conducted at the university campuses includes BA in sociology, MA in sociology, MA in Sociology (Concentration in Cultural, Social and Political Thought) and PhD in sociology.

Athabasca University

Athabasca University conducts two degree programmes in sociology viz. BA (major) in Sociology and BA (concentration) in Sociology

University of the Fraser Valley

University of the Fraser Valley also offers BA qualifications in sociology such as BA (sociology major, minor) and BA in sociology

University of Lethbridge

A Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Master of Arts in Sociology are offered at the campuses of the University of Lethbridge for all eligible candidates.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University offers higher qualifications in sociology like MA in sociology and PhD in sociology

Memorial University of Newfoundland

BA in sociology, MA in sociology, Master of Philosophy in sociology, and PhD in sociology programmes are conducted at the Memorial University of Newfoundland

Besides, Acadia University offers BA in sociology and MA in sociology and Brescia University College offers BA in the Sociology of Law, Crime and Deviance (Major) and BA in Sociology (Major/Specialization/Honors Specialization).

BA in sociology is also available at the universities namely Cape Breton University; Saint Mary’s University; Thompson Rivers University; Trinity Western University; St. Francis Xavier University; St. Thomas University; Mount Allison University; Concordia University; Brock University; Algoma University; Canadian Mennonite University; the King’s University College, Brandon University; the University of Winnipeg and the Vancouver Island University.

BA in sociology, MA in sociology and PhD in sociology are also conducted at the campuses of Dalhousie University; the University of British Columbia; University of Calgary; University of New Brunswick; Carleton University and the University of Manitoba.