Socio-Economic Aspects of Language Study

language-study There was a time when people would learn a foreign language only for the sake of adventure. Now, the scenario has changed. People now learn a foreign language in pursuance of bright career. There are diverse socio-economic aspects of language study in today’s world. The aspirants of learning foreign language may use these aspects for their best end.

Studies reveal that understanding of different cultures is very important for the citizen of global village. Languages play vital role in understanding of cultures. For the economic and social development of a nation, it is very important to bridge gaps between different cultures. Language does this bridging job very convincingly.

Linguists are in high demand

There is fast expansion of business, politics as well as humanitarian efforts across the borders of nations. This trend has boosted business and commerce to great level. Besides it, government agencies also look for employees who are adept in foreign languages.

Today’s market welcomes people who are skilled in more than one language. It is expected that the population of people who speak English-Spanish in the US would be larger than the population of people who speak only English in the next few decades.

Career prospects in foreign language

Learning of foreign languages offers challenging career opportunities. Language professionals in the US market have carved out special niches. There are growing job opportunities for translators, interpreters and teaching professionals in the US and other parts of the world.

Foreign language learners can also work for foreign embassies and international organizations such as UNICEF, UNO, WHO, International Trade Organizations, Indian National Scientific Documentation Center and NGOs. Other industries which offer lucrative career to linguists include aviation and hospitality.

UK offers rosy picture

A university degree in foreign language guarantees prospective job placement. English is spoken by only 25% of the world population. Study shows that there is least chance for language graduates to be unemployed either in the UK or in the USA. Job opportunities for linguists in UK offers rather rosy picture. This is only because large part of business and trade in Britain is associated with non-English speaking nations.