Scope For A Psychologist In Human Resource Management

The human mind is a complex structure the functions of which manifest themselves into various behaviours, thought processes, creativity etc. The study of the human mind and the various phenomena and concepts related to it is the study of psychology.

A degree in psychology is required to become a psychologist. Psychologists are required in almost all sectors and a stream of psychology known as Organizational Psychology deals with industries and the various psychological processes that take place within the human resource systems which actually is the spine of any industry or organization.

Human Resource Management is the process of handling the whole agenda of the personnel and workforce department of any organization. It takes into consideration the dynamic processes that go within the individuals who form the work force; the various aspects that can increase productivity, selection and retention of useful manpower, training and development, compensation benefits, payroll etc.

Therefore in a way human resource management is actually the process of handling personnel psychology and accordingly preparing company policies taking into consideration the various things which affect work and productivity in an organization.

An individual having degree in psychology can opt for a further degree or a diploma in Human Resource Management which will equip the individual to fare well in an organizational setup. For a psychologist it becomes easier as the human resource studies are greatly based on psychological aspects and theories.

One can opt for career areas like performance appraisal, personnel selection, job analysis, labour relations, ergonomics etc. Various sectors like educational institutes, consulting firms, private and public sectors, military research organizations, testing material preparation companies, government sector can hire individuals with double degrees in psychology as well as human resource management.

For faring well in the field of human resource only degrees and knowledge don’t help. One must have the right dynamic attitude, creativity, openness, excellent language and communication skills, ability to listen and judge people within short time limits, extensive study and research into various human resource processes and situations that take place in the various industries all over the world, global understanding of industrial relations etc.

One can earn an undergraduate or even a post graduate degree in psychology and then opt for a human resource management course from a reputed college. One must have the ability to apply the skills of psychology in human resource.