School of Culinary Arts [Kendall College]

Overview of the institute

Kendall College is included among top-ranked culinary arts schools of United States. Aspiring students who want to build their career in foodservice industry and serve various leadership positions prefer to study in Kendall College. The institute offers its famed culinary classes in the School of Culinary Arts which is home to large numbers of abroad students, as well.

Students who plan to seek admission at School of Culinary Arts [Kendall College] are offered various programs to choose from. The culinary Institute has on offer wide range of degree programs and certificate programs to be chosen by both types of students – those who have just finished their high school and those who are pursuing career in industry other than foodservice.

Admiring feature of the culinary courses offered by School of Culinary Arts [Kendall College] includes comprehensive practical knowledge regarding business principles. The institute is associated with several other qualities, as well. These include highly competent faculty members, learning environment that respects diversity, creativity, intensity, passion and inspiration. All these features combine to give the institute coveted position among other US cooking schools.

Culinary programs on offer

Students who want to pursue their academic career in School of Culinary Arts [Kendall College] can opt from Bachelor of Arts [BA] degree, Associate of Applied Science [AAS] degree and various Certificate programs. Here is given brief introduction of these programs.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] in Culinary Arts

This degree program is known to be flagship culinary program offered by this institute. The four-year course is designed to offer the students solid business foundation and highly competent culinary skills. During their learning period, students pursuing the course are led through various skills and techniques that define international cuisines from South America, Latin, Asia and Mediterranean.

Associate of Applied Science [AAS] in Baking and Pastry

This matchless program is the proud offer School of Culinary Arts [Kendall College]. It takes a period of 18 months to be completed. AAS in Baking and Pastry program is known for world class culinary training, practical business skills as well as various other course-works that cover topics of general education.

Associate of Applied Science [AAS] in Culinary Arts

This course program is expanded over seven quarters. Through this program, students are offered rigorous and meticulous training in contemporary culinary arts. This training also combines leadership skills.

Certificate programs

Students at School of Culinary Arts [Kendall College] are offered Certificate in various specializations like Baking and Pastry, Professional Cookery and Chef Catering or Professional Catering.