Scholarships For High School Juniors

High School Juniors have many critical responsibilities on their young shoulders to accomplish as they become closer to facing the real world outside the class boundaries. Financial constraints and the fact that most attractive scholarships are offered only to seniors, can make life at high school frustrating.

However both the problems can be solved by searching for good suitable High school scholarships for juniors. So if you are a high school junior, the following list of scholarships can help you get started with your scholarship search and application work.

The Sylvia K Burack Writing Award requires high school juniors with a penchant for writing to submit original essays of 800 words on some given topics. The scholarship amount for the winner is $500, apart from getting the essay published in The Writer & The winner will also receive Gotham Writers’ fiction gallery and 1 year free subscription of The Writer magazine.

The AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship is open to high school juniors where the students are required to write essays on the medical condition. The winner gets the grand prize of $5000.  Another writing related scholarship is the Fountainhead Essay Contest where high school juniors are required to write an essay on the Ayn Rand book Fountainhead.

More than two hundred scholarships are awarded of $10000 each. Other scholarships requiring students to prove their writing skills are – National Peace Essay Contest, NRA Civil Rights Defense scholarships of $1000 each for five students, American Planning Association Essay Contest provides a scholarship of $5000 to the winner, Holocaust Remembrance Essay contest, Poetry Contest and the Signet Classics Student Essay Contest.

The Voice of Democracy Scholarship provides high school juniors with an opportunity to voice their concern and opinion about their responsibility towards the country and to get the prize money. Another scholarship for high school juniors who are experts in the field of mathematics is the Moody’s Mega Math Challenge or M3 Challenge. This net based applied mathematics game has no fee requirements and is open to high school teams.

The prize money of $80000 will have to be shared between the winning team members for their future academic activities. Other skill based scholarships include – Toyota community Scholarships, AXA Achievement scholarship, Outstanding Students of America Scholarships, Angel Soft Angels in Action Scholarship etc.

Few other notable high school scholarships for juniors include – Bank of America Scholarships, the Coca Cola Scholarship with an amount of $25000 which is open to high school juniors, America’s Junior Miss Scholarship for girls, National Vocabulary contest with scholarship amount of $40000, ‘You can Make a Difference’ Scholarship related to new technology related software project proposal, Courageous Persuaders Scholarships related to making of TV commercials about the dangers of underage drinking etc.