Reputed Canadian Universities for Forensic Science Courses

Forensic-Science Forensic Science is mainly considered as an important investigational science that plays a crucial role in criminal investigations especially in finding the crucial evidence which can be produced in courts of law as a proof of the crime committed.

Nowadays, lots and lots of youngsters are showing interest in this branch of science and as a result, there is a huge demand for the professional courses offered in the discipline of forensic science and related disciplines.

Some of the reputed academic programs in forensic science are offered by world renowned global universities like Saint Mary’s University; Laurentian University of Sudbury; University of Ontario Institute of Technology; University of Toronto; Trent University and the University of Windsor. All these universities are located in Canada.

Saint Mary’s University: Saint Mary’s University is majorly known for a short term forensic science program, Diploma of forensic sciences. There are many overseas students who are studying this diploma in forensic science in the campuses of Saint Mary’s University.

Laurentian University of Sudbury: A graduate degree program in forensic science, BSc in Forensic Science is offered at the campuses of the Laurentian University of Sudbury

University of Ontario Institute of Technology: Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Forensic Science is also available at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

University of Toronto: University of Toronto, a world famous Canadian academic institution conducts several specialist academic programs in the field of forensic science such as BSc in Forensic Science – Anthropology (Specialist); BSc in Forensic Science – Biology (Specialist) and BSc in Forensic Science – Chemistry (Specialist). A Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science (Major) is also offered at the University of Toronto

Trent University: Trent University is also a reputed Canadian academic institution that offers professional qualifications in the subject of forensic science. A Bachelor of Science Honours in Forensic Science is available at the Trent University for both domestic and international students.

University of Windsor: An honors bachelor degree in forensic science with the course title ‘Bachelor of forensic science (BFS) — honours’ is available at the University of Windsor for the career aspirants in the field of forensic science and related disciplines.


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