Qualifications in Information Technology in Canada

Information-Technology There are quite a few good academic institutions in Canada that offer some well-respected professional programs in information technology for the international students.

Athabasca University

Major information technology programs offered by the Athabasca University is in the field of computing and information systems and these are BSc (post-diploma) in Computing and Information Systems; BA (major) in Information Systems; BSc in Computing and Information Systems  and BA (concentration) in Information Systems

Queen’s University

BSc in computing and information science and BA in computing and information science programs are available at the Queen’s University too.

University of Guelph

University of Guelph also offers programs in computing science and information systems such as BA honours information systems and human behavior; Bachelor of computing and information science; BA honours computing and information science and BSc honours computing and information science

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Major information technology programs available at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology are Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) – Game Development and Entrepreneurship; Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Digital Media and Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) – Information Technology

Trent University

Trent University conducts some information technology programs like BA in Computing & Information Systems; BSc in Computing & Information Systems; BSc Honours in Computing & Information Systems; BA Honours in Computing & Information Systems and BSc Honours in Computing Systems and Physics for the interested candidates.

The University of Western Ontario

Major information technology courses offered by the University of Western Ontario includes programs like BSc in Game Development (Minor); BSc in Information systems (Honors Specialization) and BSc in applied quantitative information technology

Other Canadian universities that may be considered for gaining a qualification in information technology are Algoma University (BA General in Information Technology); Carleton University (Bachelor of information technology – network technology); Thompson Rivers University (BBA in information technology); St. Francis Xavier University and University of New Brunswick (Bachelor of Information Sciences); University of the Fraser Valley (Bachelor of computer information systems); Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology); Cape Breton University (Bachelor of Technology Information with concentration in Network Management); Bishop’s University (BA in Information Technology major); University of Prince Edward Island (BBA with minor in Business Information Technology); University of Windsor (BSc honours in computer information systems); York University (BA Information Technology) and University of Waterloo (Bachelor in Mathematics honours in information technology management)



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