Public Administration Academic Programmes in UK Universities

public-admn High quality academic programmes in the area of Public Administration are offered at many British universities and colleges. Courses at all levels in the subjects of Public Administration, Public Policy, Public Service Commissioning and Public Services Management are conducted at the universities such as University of Nottingham; University of Birmingham; University of Hertfordshire; University of Derby; University of Glamorgan; University of Wolverhampton and Swansea Metropolitan University.

Doctoral level qualifications in Public Policy Research are available at the University of Wolverhampton and major programmes offered for international students include courses such as Policy Research M.Phil and Policy Research PhD.

Post Graduate level qualifications are awarded by University of Nottingham and University of Birmingham. University of Nottingham offers Master of Public Administration (MPA); Public Administration PG Diploma and Public Policy MA while University of Birmingham conducts programmes such as Master of Business Administration – Public Service; PG Certificate in Public Management; PG Diploma in Public Management; M.Sc in Public Management and Public Service Commissioning MSc.

Foundation Degrees and Bachelor Degrees are awarded by University of Hertfordshire; University of Derby; Swansea Metropolitan University and Exeter College, UK. University of Hertfordshire offers a foundation degree, Public Services Management FdA while University of Derby conducts programmes such as Public Services FdA; Public Services Management – Combined Subject Programme BA (Hons); Public Services Management and Adventure Tourism BA (Hons); Public Services Management and Countryside Management BA (Hons); Public Services Management and Outdoor Recreation BA (Hons); Public Services Management and Physical Activity & Health BA (Hons) and Public Services Management and Sports Development BA (Hons).

Exeter College, UK provides foundation degree programmes such as Leadership and Management – Public Sector Foundation Degree and Public Sector Management Foundation Degree for all interested candidates. A bachelor degree, Public Administration BA (Hons) is awarded by Swansea Metropolitan University.

Certificate and Diploma Level programmes in Public Administration are available at the Swansea Metropolitan University (Public Administration HND and Public Services HND) and University of Glamorgan (Public and Emergency Services HND).