Psychology Masters Education At The Various Malaysia Universities

A psychology masters degree is very much in demand, and that’s mainly because of the various complications that seem to have developed over the years. Let us now look into some of the Malaysia Universities that offer Masters Degree in Psychology.

‘Universiti Putra Malaysia’ is a Malaysia University that offers seven masters degree in psychology. The first, psychology masters degree course is ‘Master of Science in Social Psychology’, the second one is ‘Master of Science in Development Psychology’, and the third psychology masters degree course is ‘Master of Science in Psychology of Child Development’.

Each of these three psychology courses cost 2400 Malaysian Ringitts for the first semester and 2150 Malaysia Ringittts for the next semester. Apart from that, the thesis fees and insurance cost comes up to 1166 Malaysian Ringitts.

The fourth and fifth psychology courses are ‘Master of Education in Psychology of Education’ of three semesters, and six semesters individually. The cost of the first semester is 2200 Malaysian Ringitts, and the cost for the other semesters is 1950 Malaysian Ringitts.

Similarly, the sixth and seventh psychology courses are ‘Master of Science in Psychology of Education’ comprising of three and six semesters individually. The fee for the first semester is 2400 Malaysian Ringitts and the fee for the last semester is 2650. Each of the remaining semesters cost 2150 Malaysian Ringitts.

‘Universiti Malaysia Sabah’
is a Malaysia University that offers four psychology courses that award master’s degree. The psychology courses are ‘Master of Counseling Psychology’, ‘Master of Counseling Psychology in Industrial and organizational psychology’, ‘Master of Counseling Psychology in Child and Family psychology’ and ‘Master’s degree by research in Educational Psychology’. The cost of each of the four psychology courses is 200 Malaysian Ringitts for every credit.

Other Malaysia Universities:

  • University Utara Malaysia’ offers two psychology courses that award a masters degree in Psychology. The first one is a ‘Master of Arts in Psychology’ and the second one is ‘Master of Education in Educational Psychology’.
  • ‘Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’ offers ‘Master of Clinical Psychology’, ‘Masters in Educational Psychology’ and ‘Masters in Social Psychology in Education’.
  • ‘Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’ offers ‘Master Degree in Cognitive Psychology’ and ‘Master Degree in Cognitive Science’.
  • The other Malaysia Universities that offer masters degree in Psychology are ‘Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’, ‘Universiti Sains Malaysia’, ‘Universiti of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus’, ‘Help University College’, ‘Universiti Pedidikan Sultan Idris’, ‘University of Malaya’, ‘Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’ and ‘ASIA eUniversity’