Psychology Masters Degree Offered Through Singapore Universities

Psychology is said to be one of the most dynamic and lucrative career option these days. That’s because of the demand for professionals of this particular stream, in the various units of the educational sector and corporate sector. Psychology education equips a professional to deal with a particular individual, and in the required manner. Let us now look into each of the four Singapore Universities that offer masters degree in Psychology.

‘Nanyang Technological University’ is a Singapore University that offers two full time psychology courses that award masters degree in Psychology. The first psychology course is ‘Master of Arts in Psychology’ and the second one is ‘Master of Arts in Applied Psychology’. Both the psychology courses commence in the months of ‘August’ and ‘January’.

The academic duration of each of the two psychology courses is one academic year. This Singapore University also offers accommodation facility for those who wish to avail the same.

‘National University of Singapore’ is a Singapore University that offers eight masters degree in psychology. ‘Master of Psychology in Clinical’ and ‘University of Melbourne and National University of Singapore Joint Master of Psychology’ are two psychology courses that individually require two years to be completed.

The cost of each academic year of either of these psychology courses is 15,900 Singapore Dollars. Each of these two psychology courses can be pursued through full time study pattern only.

The other six psychology courses can be pursued through part time or full time study pattern. That includes ‘Master of Social Science in Psychology by Research’ in the fields of ‘Personality and Social Psychology’, ‘Quantitative Psychology’, ‘Developmental Psychology’, ‘Health Psychology’, ‘Clinical Psychology’ and ‘Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience’.

The academic time frame required to complete each of these six psychology courses is three years, and the yearly cost of each of these six courses is around 12,130 Singapore Dollars. Accommodation facilities are made available for its students by ‘National University of Singapore’.

‘James Cook University Singapore’ is a Singapore University that offers ‘Master of Psychology in Clinical’ through part time and full time study patterns. The full time psychology course requires a timeframe of two academic years, while the part time Psychology course requires four academic years. ‘Aventis School of Management, Singapore’ offers an executive Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. This psychology course requires one year to be completed, and costs 45,000 to 48,000 Singapore Dollars.


  • Padma priya

    Hi, I live in Pune, India and have just completed a 3-yr B.A. in Psychology and want to apply in Singapore for Masters in Clinical Psychology. Can you help me by telling me if i’m eligible to apply at universities like NUS and JCU? I’m asking as I do not have a 4-yr Honors degree.

  • Mensah Oppong Emmanuel

    Hi, I’ve completed a post diploma- Bachelor of Education, Guidance and Counselling in Education. please, can this qualify me to pursue a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in universities like NUS and JCU ?