Prestigious Schools for Earning Animation Degree in USA

There is high global craze for earning animation degree programs and securing animation careers. Earning degrees in animation and multimedia has been a prime target for career-oriented students across the world for long time. However, recent years have witnessed considerable increase in the trend of obtaining degrees in animation and multimedia.

The trend to earn animation degrees has been boosted up mainly by single factor – growing computer game market. Surging popularity of computer games have opened numerous career avenues and multiplied job prospects. To cater to growing educational needs of aspiring students, there popped up several online animation schools. Thus, earning degree animation became quite a convenient affair.

United States is among world’s leading countries that offer wonderful infrastructure for securing animation programs. Some of the prestigious schools that offer computer animation programs in USA include:

Art Institute of Pittsburgh

The online division of this widely reputed school offers matchless animations programs. Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Animation is known as the flagship computer animation program of this school. A few of the professional skills which students of this program gather are computer application and computer graphic skills. The program emphasizes on background as well as scenic layout and learning techniques of video as well as audio tools.

Westwood College

The online division of this school offers Bachelor Degree Program in Animation. This program is known to groom learners well enough to shine in the practical as well as professional fields. Study topics covered by this degree program include human motion laws, psychology applied to 3D and 2D animation characters, physics, techniques of life-drawing as well as rendering and audio and video applications meant for animation projects.

International Academy of Design and Technology

This popular animation school provides Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Computer Animation. Students can avail the degree program from any of its campuses located at Detroit, Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Tampa.

This degree program is designed to give the learners technical and conceptual skills which are important prerequisites for exploring the field of animation. Students who study the program get trained in drawing, storyboarding, modeling, characterization, animation, digital audio as well as video techniques and techniques related to post-production.


  • sital mukherjee

    I wish to Study short time course (one year only) Multimedia, Digital Design, Animation for changing my profession.
    Please send more information about addmission and other related information for one year full time Multimedia, Digital Design, or Animation program, if available so I can join this institute, at present I am working in Qatar

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  • neel shrivastava

    i have done my 3D animation diploma and now i want to do degree in animation from usa or uk some one plz help me which school is better m so confused….