Prestigious Landscape Architecture Schools for Offshore Students

Landscape architecture degrees and programs are known to offer great career opportunities to career-oriented students. Craze for earning landscape architecture degrees among USA and Canadian students is very high. These countries are home to large numbers of architecture landscape schools. These schools cater to wider needs of aspiring students from various offshore countries. Some of the most prestigious landscape architecture schools found in USA include:

University of Georgia

This institute is believed to be the most high-profile landscape architecture university in United States. In the year 2009, it was ranked top among Best Architecture and Design Schools in USA. The flagship program offered by this institute is known as Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.

This 5-year landscape architecture program includes study topics such as construction, design, sustainability, architecture history, ecology and plants. Apart from this core curriculum, students at University of Georgia are also made familiar with the science and art of landscape architecture during senior project and summer internship.

Kansas State University

This Manhattan-based institute is another top landscape architecture school in USA. It is home to large number of abroad students who study landscape architecture in America. The concerned subject at this university is taught at College of Architecture, Planning and Design. The 5-year land architect degree program offered by Kansas State University teaches the students how to balance design aesthetics, environmental health and human needs while accomplishing architect projects.

Louisiana State University

This Baton Rouge-based institute was adjudged third best-ranking landscape architect school in USA by DesignIntelligence last year. It offers a 5-year undergraduate landscape architecture program which is taught at the School of Landscape Architecture. With architect design at prime focus, students at this institute are offered studio work and lectures in construction and graphic representation.

Clemson University

This institute is also included among best landscape architecture schools in USA. Students who want to obtain master degree in landscape architect most prefer this school. Students at this institute are offered Master of Landscape Architecture [MLA] degree program. This degree program is offered under two plans – First Professional degree plan and Second Professional degree plan. Both the plans lay emphasis on the art and science of landscape architect subject.