Post graduate Computer Science Degrees offered by Australian Universities.

‘Computer Systems Technology’ is one of the most sought after field, and a computer systems degree is also highly valued. So, if one is looking at pursuing a post graduation in the field of Computer Systems at an Australian University, then one has sixteen options to choose from. Let us now take a quick peep into some of these Australian Universities that offer Computer Science degrees.

‘Royal Melbourne University of Technology’ at Australia offers four Master degree programs in the field of Computer Systems. The first one is ‘Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering’. This is a two year long, full time post graduation course in Computer Systems.

Then there are three other computer science degrees that are offered in the field of ‘Computer Science Technology’, namely, ‘Master of Engineering in Network Engineering’, ‘Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering’ and ‘Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering’. Each of these three Computer systems degrees require a time frame of one and a half years to be completed.

‘University of New South Wales’ is an Australian University that offers three full time computer science degrees. The three computer science degrees are, ‘Master of Engineering by Research in Computer Science and Engineering’, ‘Master of Engineering Science in Computer engineering’ and ‘Master of Computer Science by extension in Computer Engineering’.

The first two computer science degrees take one year and six months to be completed, and the third one requires two years to be completed. The cost of each of the three computer science degrees is 575 Australian Dollars for each credit.

‘University of Queensland’ offers three post graduate courses in the field of ‘Computer Systems Technology’. The first one is ‘Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering’ comprising of 16 units. The second one is ‘Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering’ comprising of 24 units. Each of these two courses cost 25,600 Australian Dollars. The third one is ‘Master of sustainable systems in Systems Engineering’, and this is a one and a half year long course costing 26,600 Australian Dollars.

‘University of Technology, Sydney’ offers ‘Master of Science in Internetworking’, which is a one and a half year long computer systems degree, and ‘Master of Science in Internetworking extended’, which is a two year long computer systems degree. The cost of each of this computer systems degree is 538 Australian Dollars for every credit.