PhD in Chemistry at Malaysia

Malaysia has some of the youngest Universities in the world. Despite that, there is a choice of six Malaysian Universities offering PhD courses in Chemistry.

‘Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’ offers six Doctoral courses in Chemistry.  That includes ‘PhD in Hydrocarbons in the Environment’, ‘PhD in Inorganic Chemistry’ and ‘PhD in Medicinal Chemistry’ being offered through Full time and Part time study patterns individually.

‘Universiti Malaysia Pahang’
is a Malaysian University that offers four courses awarding ‘PhD in Industrial Chemistry’. Two of these courses are offered through full time study mode and the other two through part time. The full time courses are again distinguished based on the time duration of five and three years each. While the part time courses are of four and eight years each. The cost for each of these four Doctoral course in Chemistry is Malaysian Ringitts 2,400 per Semester.

Another Malaysian University offering four Doctoral courses in Chemistry is ‘Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’. ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry’ and ‘PhD in Chemistry Education’ courses are each taught through Full time and Part time modes. The full time Doctoral courses in Chemistry extend to fourteen semesters, while the part time Doctoral courses in Chemistry extend to sixteen semesters. Each semester costs Malaysian Ringitts 4,226 for the full time Doctoral courses in Chemistry, and Malaysian Ringitts 1,281 for part time.

A part time Doctoral course of fourteen Semesters in Chemistry is offered by ‘Universiti Malaysia Sabah’. Each of these semesters costs Malaysian Ringitts 1,200.

Two full time Doctoral courses in Chemistry are offered by ‘Universiti Putra Malaysia’. One is a course awarding ‘PhD in Chemistry’ and the other is ‘PhD in Analytical Chemistry’. The cost is Malaysian Ringitts 3,100 for the first semester, Malaysian Ringitts 3,850 for the last semester and Malaysian Ringitts 2850 for all the other semesters.

‘Universiti Sains Malaysia’ offers twenty two Doctoral courses in various streams of Chemistry. ‘PhD in Analytical Chemistry’, ‘PhD in Industrial Chemistry’, ‘PhD in Inorganic Chemistry’, ‘PhD in Organic Chemistry’ and ‘PhD in Physical Chemistry’ are courses that are imparted individually through four study modes constituting twenty courses. The study modes are full time of two and five years each, and part time mode of three and seven and a half years each. The remaining two courses are ‘PhD in Chemistry’ imparted through home study mode over five and seven and a half years individually.