PhD courses in Archaeology at Australia

If you looked up for an Australian University that offers a PhD in Archaeology, then you may find just one option and that is ‘James Cook University’. This Australian University offers two PhD courses in Archaeology. One is through full time study mode and the other through the Self study mode with attendance. The full time course is of definite three years, while the self study depends on the individual student. The annual fee charged is Australian Dollars 16,080 for either of the two courses.

However, it would be wrong to presume that ‘James Cook University’ is the only Australian University offering a PhD course in Archaeology. That’s because most Australian Universities offer a course in Archaeology as a part of Ancient History, Anthropology, Social Science or Classics courses. The ‘University of Newcastle’ is one such Australian University that offers modules on Asia-Pacific regions of Indonesia, Bali, Melanesia and PNG. Then it includes modules like Social and cultural transformation in the Asia-Pacific and Cultural Sociology under its Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology. It also offers a full time Doctor of Philosophy in Classics which is a four year long course. This course requires a student to study Greek and Roman History covering topics like Late Roman Republic and Early Empire, Macedon in the era of Philip, Alexander and the following Kingdoms and Sparta from archaic period to the 4th C. Also Greek and Roman Literature, Greek and Roman Historiography, Culture and Traditions in the ancient world, Philosophy in the ancient world, Greek and Roman Social History and Gender and History of Sexuality are covered under this course.

Then there is ‘University of New South Wales’ that offers two Doctoral courses under Classics, one is Doctor of Philosophy in Modern Greek Studies and the other is Doctor of Philosophy in Spanish and Latin American Studies. The duration for both of these courses is four years and the mode of study is full time. The fee is 19,920 Australian Dollars annually and is common for both the courses. There are other Australian Universities offering relating Doctoral courses with a wider scope under which a Doctoral research in Archaeology can be carried out. Like there is ‘Central Queensland University’ offering Doctor of Philosophy in Arts, Humanities and Education through full time and online study modes. ‘Australian National University’ also offers a Doctor of Philosophy under the Faculty of Arts as a full time course.