Paid Internship in Hospitality and Tourism in New Zealand

hospitality Work placement in New Zealand is like a dream for international students. Hospitality and tourism students throughout the world yearn for internship and placement in New Zealand. Now, foreign students can convert their dream into reality with the help of paid internship in hospitality and tourism in New Zealand. This unique program is on offer by Queenstown Resort College.

Outline of the program

The paid internship program offered by Queenstown Resort College is exclusively meant for hospitality and tourism industry. Beneficiaries of this program get opportunities of work placements in Queenstown. This region is the hottest tourist destination of the country. It is popularly known as the world capital of adventure tourism.

Students who get internship opportunities are prepared by the institute for one week. During this period, students are made aware of induction and orientation programs. Through these programs, students get acquainted with the local hospitality, tourism and hotel industries. They also come face to face with a great deal of information about the locality. Soon after completion of orientation and induction program, three-month paid internship starts. Duration of the internship may only be extended if visa allows.

Eligibility criteria

Paid internship in hotel management in New Zealand is exclusively meant for hospitality, tourism and hotel management aspirants. Through the program, students are offered industry-oriented training required for their specific trades. Work experience gathered through this paid hospitality and tourism internship in New Zealand proves to be an asset for the hospitality management graduates.

This hospitality internship program extended by Queenstown Resort College is offered to hospitality management graduates belonging to Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and South Africa only. The participants require to apply for visa as intern or holiday-working candidate. Applicants can get work permit or work visa in their respective countries. Students applying for their internship in New Zealand must be between age group of 18 and 30 years.


  • I wish to apply for the management training kindly let me know the process.

  • this is an easy approach to come to new zealand.

  • kindly let me know where i can apply for this course in New Zealand for July session as i have already got diploma in Aviation,Hospitality and Travel management..


    i would like to apply in F&F service department in Nez zealand what is the process please help me.


    I wish to apply for this internship in Hospitality and Tourism in there.

    I don’t know to how to apply for.

  • vara prasad

    I am Hotel Management graduate and worked with some branded hotels in Middleeast,kindly let me know the procedure and eligibility criteria.

  • pritam kumar

    i am also interested.please give me details.