Overview Of Distance Learning Courses In India

Distance Learning Courses In India Distance learning courses are the building blocks of the distance learning education system. Within the distance learning system; the distance learning course material is the only medium which is used to deliver the course content.

Moreover, with only limited or no contact at all with the faculties; the role of the distance learning courses becomes much more crucial. More and more of the subjects are being considered for inclusion in distance learning courses in India. This article provides an overview of distance learning course features.

Types of Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning in India is practised through three channels, namely: open education system, regular correspondence education system and distance learning courses from private institutions. All of these systems have different course outlines depending on the knowledge base of the respective student mixes.

The course content of the open-university distance learning course has a simple course outline. The course content from the correspondence departments of universities are comparatively more focused in comparison to those of the open system. Lastly, the course content of the distance learning courses from private institutes in India are much more specialized in comparison to its counterparts.

Levels of Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning courses in India are offered at different levels for earning degrees and diplomas in the subjects of interest. Distance learning degree courses are delivered at graduate (Bachelor’s Degrees), post graduate (Master’s Degrees) and research levels (M.Phil and Ph.D). Distance learning diploma courses are delivered at graduate and post graduate levels as well.

Some institutes and universities also offer distance learning diploma courses for selected subjects. These distance learning courses are delivered either through printed study material or using technology using internet and CD-ROMs.

Universities Providing Distance Learning Courses

Distance education universities in India offer distance learning courses in academic, technical and professional subjects. These distance learning universities develop the courses based on the guidelines as specified by the Distance Education Council of India (DEC, India). According to DEC, there are only basically two types of distance education universities in India. They are: The National Open University (IGNOU) and State Open University (SOU).

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Subjects Covered in Distance Learning Courses in India

The extent of subjects covered through distance learning courses in India has increased manifold. Broadly speaking, the subjects covered in distance learning course include: Agriculture, Arts, Science, Engineering, Commerce, Accounts, Computers and Technology, Fashion, Health.

Home Science, Law, Library and Information Science, Management studies, Media, Sports, Travel and tourism, Hotel and Hospitality Management, Teacher Training, Journalism and Mass Communication and their specialized branches.


Hence, it can be concluded that the prospective students who aspire to get admission into any of the distance learning courses in India can decide on the course based on their level of expertise, format of the course contents and the subjects undertaken by respective distance learning university.

It is advised that the interested readers should check with the official website and the documents provided by the respective institute or university before applying to any of the distance learning course.

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