Outstanding Career In Graphology

Graphology is also known as Handwriting analysis. But ‘Brain Writing Analysis’ is considered to be more proper term to explain graphology. Our mind has a mass storage of life actions and experiences.

When we pen down these on the paper, a different yet true picture is formed about our persona flowing through muscles resulting in the formation of dots, commas, line/letter spacing, ‘s’s, ‘t’s etc. An expert graphologist accumulates all the tiny details and transform them into a big whole picture revealing what we think, how we behave, our past, present and future perspects, how much are we inclined to ourselves and lot more intricacies can be revealed by graphology.

In India, there are few courses available. Although graphology is getting popular in the west too.

Graphologyindia.com (by c/o Mr. Satyen Srivastava164, Engineers Estate 21, I P Extention, Patparganj, Delhi- 110092) offer 2 courses.
Amateur Quick Graphology Learner Course
Certification Course in Graphology

Handwriting Analysts India also offer 3 courses.

Beginners Diploma Course
The Comprehensive Diploma Course
The Evaluated Trait Diploma Course

Institute of Graphology and Personal Success at Mumbai and Pune also offers comprehensive courses.

Career Options

Graphologist offers you a wonderful career option. It has proved itself as a very powerful tool and its graph is growing day-by-day. All over the world, graphologists are getting recruited for several job opportunities.

For recruitment purposes. Companies are hiring graphologists to recruit potential employees and in the formation of an effective team for themselves.

Police department and Forensic science. Like every person on this earth has their unique finger-prints, exactly in the same way handwriting is also a unique characteristic of the belonging person. This unique characteristic is used to trace criminals and solving difficult cases by analyzing handwriting and signature samples.

Graphologist/Counselor. Graphology promises a luring account balance. You will find endless people paying you just for getting their problems solved by giving their handwriting samples.

Few other aspects:

For marriage purposes. For matching two aspiring candidates for marriage.Choosing suitable career and career enhancements. Eliciting out hazards from the personality through analysis. Graphology is a proven milestone in treating teenager’s rambunctious and ignorant behavior.

Graphology is also useful for disease diagnosis. Certain diseases can be identified through handwriting even before you come to know about them.


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